Jon Burgerman plush toys by Felt Mistress

Plush toy maker Felt Mistress has created stuffed felt versions of artist Jon Burgerman’s Brooklyn Hipster characters – for his current New York show…

This project was uploaded to our FEED section but we wanted to flag it up here on the blog too… 

Plush toy maker Felt Mistress created stuffed, felt, plush versions of artist Jon Burgerman‘s Brooklyn Hipster characters and has taken photos of each of them for her Flickr page. The detail is wonderful so we thought we’d share these images…

Allow us to introduce you to the gang – first up is Randell – check the detail of his threads:

This is Joshua






The one-off plush characters are currently being exhibited (and sold for $325 a piece) at Burgerman’s My American Summer show – currently running (until September 16) at Giant Robot in New York


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