Jon Hopkins unveils his “most epic video” yet

Directed by Seb Edwards, the video for Jon Hopkins’ Singularity is a “powerful, violent ballet between male and female”

Seb Edwards’ video for Singularity features a man and woman engaged in an increasingly frantic encounter, with the pace of the film matching the menacing tones of Hopkins’ track.

Although the dynamics of the pair’s meeting aren’t clear, the director condenses all the intensity of a relationship down into five frenzied minutes.

Hopkins says the film (which is produced by Academy Films) is the first chance he’s had to work with “total freedom” on a music video with Edwards – who’s been a friend of his for almost 15 years – and describes Singularity as his “single most epic video”.

“The power of what he has done left me speechless the first time I saw it,” says the musician. “He translated the themes of destruction and defiance that I fed into the music into a powerful, violent ballet between male and female and I totally love it.”

“Singularity is such an incredible track, its merciless intensity somehow reflects our troubled times,” adds Edwards. “I wanted to capture the feeling of defiance that rises from the initial brutality. The track is ultimately about acceptance and finding peace in nature. I hope I did it justice.”

Singularity is taken from Jon Hopkins’ album Singularity, released on Domino Records;; Read our interview with Jon Hopkins here


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