Joni Majer’s minimal artworks are a celebration of nature

The German artist’s new exhibition in London looks at the interchange between the natural and human worlds

Joni Majer illustration of people sat around a fire
All artworks by Joni Majer

If you’re passing through London in the next month and have some plants to spare, it’s all the more reason to stop by Joni Majer’s new exhibition, I Came to Shake your Plant, hosted by Pocko Gallery.

The Berlin-born artist is inviting visitors to take part in an exchange: bring a plant to display in the gallery and take away a signed print in return.

This repicrocal act speaks to the idea at the heart of the exhibition, which looks at the interconnectedness of humans and nature. Majer’s minimal line-based works use small twists to bring the two worlds together, where petals cup a face just as hands would, leaves stand in for facial features, and a head is formed out of Earth itself. By using a pared-back approach, she leaves plenty of room to appreciate the surreal touches.

Majer is no stranger to using walls as her canvas, and the exhibition also promises a large monochrome mural, which is joined by sculptural works and, of course, plenty of plants.

Joni Majer illustration of people between trees
Joni Majer illustration of fingers poking out of a leaf
Joni Majer illustration of a sun with hands
Joni Majer illustration exhibition poster

I Came to Shake your Plant runs from March 24-April 24 at Pocko Gallery, London;