The Journeys Issue is out now!

The June/July issue of Creative Review looks at how creativity influences the way we move through the world and the paths we take in our creative careers

Creative Review Journeys issue cover

More than 18 months into the global pandemic, many of us are dreaming of going on a trip – an opportunity to see new faces, smell new smells and have different conversations.

Yet the pandemic itself has been something of a journey, forcing us to come up against limitations and consider what we want from life. It’s ideas like these that we’re exploring in the Journeys issue of Creative Review.

We are looking at travel, of course, in terms of how the travel industry communicates with its customers. And we talk to three photographers about what makes for a compelling – and ethically sound – travel image today, including Teresa Freitas whose photograph features on the cover.

Elsewhere, we look at the changing face of transport and the brands that are attempting to take us into a greener future. We also talk to the creatives changing our idea of journeys near and far: from the burgeoning development of space travel, to rediscovering home turf as seen through the lens of celebrated fashion and documentary photographer Jamie Hawkesworth.

The past year has also been a time to consider the jobs and paths we have chosen, so we have interviewed four leading creatives about their career journeys to date.

These include Wieden + Kennedy London’s outgoing ECD Tony Davidson, illustrator Polly Nor, inclusive designer Christina Mallon, and director Calmatic.

In addition, the new issue also includes articles on sneaker culture, Anton Corbijn’s longstanding creative collaboration with Depeche Mode, and Gem Fletcher’s pick of emerging photography talent.

We also have an array of opinion and advice pieces on leadership, the challenges facing creative education in the UK, and the benefits of taking an unconventional route to the top of ad land.

Even if travel may still be pretty limited, we hope this issue manages to take you somewhere unexpected.