June 2010: Kheiron

In Greek mythology, Kheiron (‘hand’ in Greek), was a healer (‘skilled with hands’) who sacrificed his immortality. Hands are a primary interface with the world, the means to touch, shape and create. These images are narratives based on themes of tactility, representation and sensation…

In the Myriad piece, hands express meaning and make reference to the work of Honoré Fragonard, who created preserved anatomical sculptures of flayed specimens. Line-drawn sketches for Myriad appear here on the last three pages. They reveal the normally invisible architecture that governs the visible surface that we are more familiar with.

The Dead Man’s Bells series, shown here as three spreads, takes the idea that decay is nature’s own macabre deconstruction. Nothing can resist the truth of this release of created value. It is a disintegration of appearances and a return to truth and simplicity. In these images cadaverous heads feast on each other; cold, final and impervious to doubt.

Inspired by Joseph Conrad’s journey into inner states of despair in his novel Heart of Darkness, the images of the gorilla and chimp evoke a break­down of order and the release of the primordial. The human hand is used to suggest a cartography of this internal struggle. The bones of the hand are called ‘phalanxes’, a metaphor for an ancient Greek military formation. Hands kill as readily as they create.

Finally, the Kinesis series of four single images describes a dance; a movement through time and space, seeking a resolution in symmetry.

Paul White
Me Company


Me Company was founded in 1985. Its manifesto marries modernity, technology, fashion and art.


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