Jungle WeTransfer

Jungle and WeTransfer are reimagining the album campaign

We speak to WeTransfer creative director Matt Skibiak about collaborating on Jungle’s new visual album, and how the experience fed into its own brand campaign which peeks behind the curtain of the creative process

The nature of the album campaign has changed beyond recognition over the course of the last decade. While traditionally, the music industry relied on the tried-and-tested format of radio, press and tours, the rise of streaming platforms has disrupted this cycle entirely. The lines have been further blurred by the influence of social media platforms such as TikTok, which have brought big-name and emerging artists closer than ever to their fans, but come with the added pressure of being always-on – even when they haven’t got new music to promote.

WeTransfer has a longstanding relationship with the music world, having collaborated on creative projects with everyone from FKA twigs to Solange via its arts platform, WePresent. “We started to think about how we could take some of these collaborations and go a lot bigger with them. And that’s when we began working with Jungle,” creative director Matt Skibiak tells CR.

Jungle WeTransfer

Founded in 2013 by two lifelong friends from London, Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, the electronic music duo has since evolved into a collective populated by a rotating cast of vocalists, musicians and creatives. Creativity plays a huge role in the group’s artistic identity; the release of their last LP Loving in Stereo saw them create an ambitious visual narrative of choreographed one-shot videos for every track on the album.