Among Equals’ playful rebrand for family-focused cybersecurity service

The rebrand brings a warm character to the newly renamed Just Ask Max, which guides parents through everything from scams to screen time

Just Ask Max is a cybersecurity company aimed at helping parents navigate the world of digital safety and wellbeing in areas such as sexting, screen time and online scams.

With the service looking to appeal to parents, children and investors alike, Among Equals led a rebrand that involved renaming the company – previously known as Simple Cyber Life – and overhauling its visual identity with a friendlier character, eschewing the typically harsh aesthetics associated with cybersecurity.

The rebrand draws on the idea that ‘it’s a jungle out there’ and features animal emblems accordingly, including elephant character Max – who is designed to evoke a strong, wise protector – at the heart of the new identity system.

According to the agency, the elephant motif was central to the type choices, from the satisfyingly chunky “elephantine typeface”, Tusker, to the new logo, which transforms the profile of an elephant’s head into a ‘J’.

The elephant analogy also informed the copy choices, with headlines such as ‘Let’s stamp out cyberbullying’ and call to actions like ‘Join the herd’. The jungle theme is expanded across accompanying illustrations developed for Just Ask Max, as seen with playful bird characters and a particularly relaxed sloth.

There’s been a noticeable shift in branding for digital products lately, with a gentler, more human quality being introduced, as also seen in ExpressVPN’s visual update by DesignStudio. Just Ask Max’s rebrand continues this vein, though here it feels especially well placed, given the company’s family focus.


Milton Keynes