Justice, Music video

French director Romain Gavras is behind this video for Justice’s track, Stress, which replaces the happy aesthetic of the band’s previous promos with a brooding, violent atmosphere. Rarely have the streets of Paris looked so bleak as we follow a gang of youths as they smash their way around the city, knocking down pretty much anyone, or anything, that gets in their path

Members of the group are identified by a jacket adorned with Justice’s cross logo (worn on top of hoodies, natch), and they engender fear in everyone they meet, including, ultimately, the filmmakers, who are turned upon at the end of the promo. While it is obviously fiction, the video raises some uncomfortable questions – about the glorification of violence and racism in particular – and, on a more banal note, is at times rather reminiscent of Chris Cunningham’s video for Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy, as well as the movie La Haine. Despite all this, it still makes for compelling viewing.

Director: Romain Gavras
Record label: Ed Banger Records


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