Kai and Sunny bear fruit for Cidre – Stella Artois

Design duo Kai and Sunny have helped to refresh the look of Stella Artois’ Cidre range, creating a striking series of fruit illustrations for its five different flavours.

JKR Global approached the pair to create a series of illustrations for use in the agency’s rebrand of Cidre – Stella Artois.

The resulting illustrations run across the packaging of the brand’s five flavours: apple, pear, peach (shown above and below), raspberry and elderflower.

Cidre flavor labels-peach-2000-CRsite

Prior to the new look, Stella’s Cidre range was heavily typographic and more aligned with its parent brand.

The redesign sees ‘Cidre’ redrawn in looser, more contemporary type, while the new fruit illustrations offer a stylish punch of bright colour.

Cidre flavor labels-apple-2000-CRsite

Earlier this year, Stella’s rather tone deaf, social media-influenced ‘Be Legacy’ campaign sent many fans of the brand pining for its classic work of old – so it’s good to see some quality illustration and packaging design turning that short-sightedness around.

Design director: Paul Sieka. More of Kai and Sunny’s work at kaiandsunny.com. See also stellaartois.com


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