Kano on the success of its Harry Potter coding kit

Kano’s collaboration with Warner Bros introduced a whole new audience to the brand’s DIY computing kits. As part of our 2019 Annual coverage, we explore how the product has boosted Kano’s profile and led to new partnerships with Disney  

London startup Kano is famous for its DIY computing kits that aim to make learning code fun. From the outset, its mission has been to make computing more accessible: the brand follows a ‘make, learn and play’ approach, with users assembling devices before delving into the world of html and javascript. Each aspect of its kits – from the packaging to set-up guides and instructions – are designed to put users at ease and break complex computing tasks into simple steps. Since launching its first product in 2014, Kano has shipped kits all over the world. And in 2018, it released its first product in partnership with another brand – opening up the world of coding to a whole new audience.

The Harry Potter Coding Kit – created in partnership with Warner Bros. – lets users build a wireless wand which can be used with the Kano app to complete 70 Potter-themed challenges. Children can make feathers float and serpents slither and learn about programming loops, variables and logic in the process. The kit is aimed at all ages (though users under nine might need some parental help) and works with laptop and tablet devices.