Kansas City Art Institute: Beautiful World (s) KCAI Biennial exhibition campaign

Category: Print Design; Entrant: Eager Zhang

The Beautiful World(s): KCAI Biennial featured artworks from the faculty artists of the Kansas City Art Institute, created during the last two years under the context of the pandemic and the ‘new normal’.

To echo this theme, and to attract the young campus community to ­visit the show, designer Eager Zhang ­introduced the semiotics of coding and nature into the visual identity system for the exhibition, to demonstrate how Covid, media and screen-based reality augmentation tech­nology has changed our way of perceiving the ­aesthetics of nature.

Three main posters and three ‘tearable interactive posters’ were created. The ‘cyberplants’ cards from the tearable posters were all taken within ten days of the project launch, with people sharing them on their social media accounts among the community.

Photographer: Eager Zhang
Exhibition Committee Co-chairs: Maura Cluthe, Rodrigo Carazas Portal
Exhibition Committee: Bona Bones, Santiago Cucullu, Sherry Sparks, Ruben Castillo, Eager Zhang
Gallery Director: Raechell Smith
Gallery Manager of Operations and Communication: Marcus Cain
Project Assistants: Ricardo Rosales, Rylie Lawver