MTV creative director Kate Dunn on seizing opportunities

Kate Dunn tells CR about how her career has taken her from being a runner to a creative director at MTV, plus explains the importance of saying yes to creative experiences

As is the case for many in TV, creative director Kate Dunn’s career started at the bottom, as a runner in an edit facility and studio mainly fetching food for the editors, producers and directors. “I didn’t study design or broadcast at university, in fact I dropped out of university realising I wanted to work in TV and was very lucky to get work experience in a media company before getting the job as a runner,” Dunn tells CR. “My career evolved over the following years as I embarked on an amazing journey of creative discovery.” 

After her year as a runner, Dunn applied for a role as a production assistant at 4Creative working with the Film4 team, which opened up a world of opportunities for her. This was the kind of education Dunn was seeking and she was keen to learn as much as possible. “I love film and TV so it was a dream come true,” she says. “I felt incredibly lucky to be where I was and so pushed myself to learn new skills and discover what I wanted to do and what I was good at.” 

Top: Still from MTV Rewind. Above: 9pm Films on Film4 promo, produced by Kate Dunn

Dunn learnt how to edit, asked to pitch on the briefs given to creatives and directors, and found herself on an unexpected career trajectory. Spending a decade at 4Creative, she eventually worked up from production assistant to promo producer, creative and director.