Kate Prior creates crisp illustrations for Earl of East’s air fresheners

The illustrator imagined “everyday scenes, smells and sounds” for the homeware brand’s new range of place-inspired scents

Locations including the hot springs of Japan, the cobbled streets of Copenhagen and the remote mountains of Marrakesh all formed the starting point for Earl of East’s new line of air fresheners.

A fragrance featuring a mix of jasmine, gardenia and geranium is designed to conjure up the great British countryside, while tobacco leaf, amber and leather come together to evoke “the grandeur of old London”.

The air fresheners come packaged in a minimal design that’s miles from the swinging trees that have decorated car interiors since time immemorial. Kate Prior’s accompanying illustrations are intended to evoke the essence of each location, without falling back on stereotypical imagery.

“Using the scent descriptions as well as content from Earl of East’s journal including recipes, playlists and travel guides, I was able to imagine the everyday scenes, smells and sounds for each location,” she says. “I then sketched the scenes that I knew would get the message across in the simplest way.”

Prior’s work is also somewhat tongue-in-cheek, with a bathtub full of firs for the forest-bathing-inspired Shinrin-Yoku freshener, and a bunch of tomatoes atop an Ionic column for Greenhouse – which is inspired by the rural villages of Greece.

Photos by Sarah Bates

This is the latest in a series of creative collaborations from Earl of East, with the brand releasing a hugely popular lockdown candle collection in 2020, which used evocative copywriting to remind us all of the fragrances we missed while in quarantine.