Leo Burnett Taiwan God Is Watching

Why creatives need to understand business and tech

Leo Burnett Taiwan’s recent focus on mixing its creative departments with accounts, media and tech teams is resulting in more experimental projects and a better offering for clients

Kevin Yang holds an unusual role in advertising, acting as both CEO and CCO at Leo Burnett Taiwan. This dual job title is not unheard of in advertising, in fact just last month we interviewed the top creatives at Marcel in Paris who similarly also act as co-CEOs at the agency, but it’s still far from commonplace.

Yang admits that people are “curious” about how he can adopt both positions at the same time, but also feels it is key to the experimental work that the agency has been producing since he took over in 2021. This has included projects as varied as an organ donor drive which aims to tackle stigma in the country, and a project for McDonald’s which turns smartphone wallpapers into charitable donations.

These developments have not happened by chance, but instead via a deliberate restructure of parts of the creative department at the agency. “We’re trying to do something different inside the system,” Yang explains. “In the creative team we have copywriters, art directors, designers, but I think we can add a lot of different stuff.”