All hail the UK’s key workers

A new poster designed by Craig Oldham pays tribute to the many key workers keeping the country going – from teachers and truck drivers to food bank staff and warehouse operatives – and comes with a decidedly political edge

It’s designed to highlight what Oldham describes as the “countless unknown work” of people across the UK, who’ve been doing their jobs as usual despite the coronavirus crisis. The ‘key worker’ term has been the subject of much contention in recent weeks, as many people now deemed essential were previously considered ‘low skilled’ labour by the UK government.

As Oldham points out, we’re now learning just how important they are, as well as how many of them are still hard at work – as highlighted by his poster.

The poster will appear across Manchester and London, through media space provided by creative out-of-home agency Jack Arts. But in these times of quarantine, it is across social media that its message will most likely be seen. Oldham says he’s holding off on printing the poster for the time being, to avoid adding an unnecessary burden to already overworked posties, but anyone that wants to put one in their window can download it for free.