Young person dancing on a rainy night outside a takeaway restaurant next to an ice cream truck

KFC embraces the reality of the British summer in new campaign

The new Ultimate BBQ Burger launches with a campaign by Mother that offers a taste of summer no matter the weather

The great British BBQ is a state of mind. While other parts of the world have their BBQ setups nailed down, the temperamental weather conditions, or simply a lack of space, can get in the way of BBQ season in the UK.

Sometimes this means resorting to a mini disposable BBQ, which barely heats up to body temperature (and are notoriously bad for the environment). Sometimes the whole occasion has to retreat indoors. In both cases, imagination and willpower have to do some heavy lifting.

Seizing on a timeless source of inspiration – the weather – KFC’s new campaign is a reminder that when the inevitable downpours strike this summer, people can still get a taste of BBQ season with its new burger.

The main spot, directed by Sam Pilling, features a dancer gliding through rain-slicked streets, unperturbed by horrendously bad weather. The cinematography, music, and gently surreal choreography make for a simple yet enjoyable combination. The campaign is topped with simple OOH ads showing ‘KFC’ reflected in puddles, leveraging the recognisability of its logo.

Two KFC billboards, one showing the brand's logo reflected in a puddle, the other showing its new Ultimate BBQ Burger

Agency: Mother
Director: Sam Pilling
Production Company: Magna
Edit: TenThree
Sound: No8
Post House: Black Kite
Music Supervision: Theodore