KFC masquerades as Ikea in its latest PR stunt

To mark the opening of its new restaurant in Majorca, KFC has dressed up a billboard in the yellow and blue brand colours of its neighbouring Ikea store

KFC has become well known for its cheeky personality and tone of voice, whether it is calling out the Conservatives on Twitter or adopting other brands’ slogans when Covid rendered its Finger Lickin’ Good tagline inappropriate.

The fried chicken behemoth’s latest stunt sees it pay homage to cult Swedish furniture retailer Ikea, as it opens a new restaurant in Mejorcan shopping mall Polígono de Son Malferit – more popularly known as ‘where Ikea is’.

Developed by Madrid-based agency PS21, the campaign involves a giant billboard that cleverly combines KFC’s initials with a bootlegged version of Ikea’s characteristic typography and blue and yellow brand colours.

KFC also took the campaign on to Twitter, the social channel where the current mania for brands interacting with each other most tends to thrive, with the Ikea social team also using the opportunity to promote its iconic meatballs dish.