Kibwe Tavares directs high energy street dance spot for Guinness Africa

AMV BBDO’s new spot for Guinness, directed by Kibwe Tavares, uses graphic animation, great dancing and a sharp soundtrack to promote its Guinness Africa Special

Tavares’ 80-second spot depicts Nigeria’s vibrant party scene, with dancers two-stepping, krumping and backflipping on rooftops and in city streets and boxing gyms. Animations reference Guinness Africa Special’s packaging, with geometric patterns spreading over walls, floors and shop fronts. The original soundtrack uses music by African/Portuguese dance group Buraka Som Sistema (according to Nigerian publication The Net) remixed by Nigerian producer Spellz and Kenyan producer Jaaz Odongo.

While UK audiences tend to associate Guinness with Ireland, 40% of its products are apparently brewed and sold in Africa. The stout brand’s Pan African marketing strategy is focused not on promoting its 200-year heritage or Dublin roots, but on aligning its products with music, dance and youth culture.

2014’s Sapeurs spot documented the dapper-dressed, Guinness-drinking ‘society of elegant persons of the Congo’ while its Made of Black campaign (made for the Pan African market) celebrated black culture with a two-minute film starring musicians and performers from the continent set to Kanye West track Black Skinhead.

Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative Directors: Mike Schalit
Creative Team: Sonny Adorjan and Milo Campbell
Agency Producer: Greg Kates
Production Company: Nexus
Director: Kibwe Tavares
Executive Producers: Jeremy Smith / Judy Hill
Producer: Jeremy Smith / Clare Van Zyl at Monkey Films

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