Kiddiwinks Wildish & Co

A playful visual identity for plant-based milk brand KiddiWinks

Aimed squarely at Gen Alpha (and their parents), the new branding is brimming with cute characters and gloopy, hand-drawn lettering

The plant-based wave has been surging for a number of years now, with alt-dairy brands such as Oatly and Minor Figures at the forefront. For the founders of newly launched plant-based milk Kiddiwinks, creating a product specifically tailored to children was the next logical step.

The 100% plant-based milk reimagines a childhood staple with a formula comprising oat, chickpeas and chicory root, providing eight grams of plant-based protein and more than six grams of fibre.

Kiddiwinks Wildish & Co
Kiddiwinks Wildish & Co

Ahead of KiddiWinks’ launch in the US (it will roll out to other markets in the coming months), the team brought in New York-based Young Jerks to develop its branding and London creative agency Wildish & Co to lead on its website design.

The agencies started by asking themselves, what would a plant-based milk brand for kids look like? “KiddiWinks is a really interesting brand as it hits the intersection of sustainability and health, both key decision drivers in purchase decisions – especially for parents,” says Wildish & Co managing director, Sam Fresco.

The decision to appeal to both young KiddiWinks drinkers and their parents, who ultimately hold the purse strings, was one of the main creative challenges across both the branding and site design.

Young Jerks opted for an illustration-led visual identity, which is full of youthful personality but also stylish enough for grownups. At its heart is a “gloopy and milky” hand-drawn logotype, says senior art director Kelly Thorn. Supporting fonts include Caspar by Flavor Type and Visby Round by Connary Fagen as the body copy, chosen thanks to its “soft serve” feel, she adds.

Kiddiwinks Wildish & Co
Kiddiwinks Wildish & Co

The KiddiWinks brand characters – dubbed the Winks – are another key part of the design system, and range from illustrated versions of the drink’s main ingredients to cute animals that appear on the packaging.

The website design is equally as playful in its aesthetic while still emphasising the health benefits of the brand. “As a drink backed by paediatric science, KiddiWinks provides the nutrients kids need to thrive, but that’s not always easy to communicate,” says Fresco. “We used the characters to give the site a sense of spirit and tone.”;