Kids run riot in Petit Bateau’s factory of fun

Advocates of ‘messy play’ for kids will enjoy this new ad for children’s clothing brand Petit Bateau from BETC Paris.

Ads starring kids tend to work best when there are no adults around putting a downer on things by telling them to ‘put that down’ or ‘be careful’.

In this spot then there are no parents in sight as a group of kids are let loose in a Willy Wonka-style factory to make Petit Bateau clothes using a range of quirky machines.


“The ways brands tend to represent kids are often very uniform: either they’re portrayed as fashion victims or as too ‘perfect’ and well behaved,” says BETC president and executive creative director Rémi Babinet of the approach in the ad. “Petit Bateau knows that the kids that parents dream of are in reality far from perfect: it’s kids who let their imagination run free, who break the rules and shape themselves beyond norms.”

The ad itself looked like fun to make too, as this behind-the-scenes film shows:

Agency: BETC Paris
Creative directors: Rémi Babinet, Jasmine Loignon
Creatives: Damien Bellon, Gabrielle Attia
Director: Patrick Daughters
Production company: 75
Post: MPC

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