Kids with Puns

Some consider puns to be the lowest form of wit, but Falmouth University graduate Tom Dunn has launched a magazine in celebration of the subject.

Some consider puns to be the lowest form of wit, but Falmouth University graduate Tom Dunn has launched a magazine in celebration of the subject.

Kids with Puns is an A5 publication showcasing visual wordplays from designers and illustrators. The project was launched in April this year, while Dunn (now a designer at 400 Communications) was in his final year at Falmouth. Issue two was published last week and features yet more silly but humorous submissions.

“It started out as a blog where I would doodle the occasional illustrated pun,” says Dunn. “This proved popular, so I decided to expand it into a printed publication and ask people to submit their own. Contributions for issue one were mainly friends and students from Falmouth University [including Harry Morris, who recently sent CR a portfolio in the style of our monthly Monograph, aptly titled The Morrigraph]. Issue two, however, has a much more diverse range of contributors from London, Birmingham and even South Africa,” he adds.

Dunn hopes his publication will lead to a new found appreciation for the pun, which is often seen as tiresome. “As an illustration, the pun is given a burst of energy and is a much more interesting piece of communication. They’ll probably still make your eyes roll though,” he admits.

The second issue features interviews with contributors including George McCallum, who has designed a range of pun-based furniture including a ‘chest of drawers’ (below) and appeared in CR’s graduates to watch issue in September:

Submissions will undoubtedly illicit some groans but Dunn’s magazine is an amusing read and a novel way for students and graduates to showcase their work. Dunn is now looking for submissions for issue three and has launched a Kids with Puns website, where you can purchase a two-faced tote bag for £8 or an issue of Kids with Puns for £3.

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