Kili Ragged Edge

Kili’s new identity shows the human side of AI

Created by Ragged Edge, the rebrand uses a cute, animated mascot to illustrate Kili’s work helping businesses adopt a data-centric approach to AI

For designers, one of the biggest challenges that presents itself with any new technology is how to approach building the vast visual world that surrounds it.

So far, the best-known brand in the AI space is arguably OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT and Dall-E), whose swirling hexagon is also mirrored in the vortex-like logos of DeepMind, Stability AI and Synthesia.

When approached to rebrand AI training platform Kili, Ragged Edge opted for a different style, putting human intelligence at the heart of the AI race. Founded in 2018, the company helps businesses adopt a data-centric approach to AI by collaborating with in-house tech teams to create qualitative, unbiased data sets.

The strategy behind the rebrand is rooted in the need to change the conversation around AI “from science fiction to pragmatic expertise”, according to Ragged Edge, helping Kili stand out in a category that is rapidly evolving.

Kili Ragged Edge

At the heart of the new identity is the Kili mascot, which was animated by Oh Studio. The cartoon-like but simple character looks to brings complex, technical points to life in ways that are easy to understand and emotionally engaging.

A human touch is also carried through to the rest of the identity, including a tone of voice that combines pragmatism with empathy, a warm colour palette, and an accessible approach to UI design.

The identity system is built to stretch across every touchpoint, from the digital product through to marketing and events, and features a full range of iconography, infographics and product illustrations.

“The rebrand recognises that we have a lot to gain from AI. But first AI has a lot to learn from us,” says Ragged Edge co-founder Max Ottignon. “In an industry marked by its soulless hyperbole, we built the Kili brand around something more grounded: good data and human intelligence.”

Kili Ragged Edge