Faces of Travel campaign for Delta, 2023. Photos by Seo Ju

Meet Kin: The change makers

Creative agency Kin works with its clients to harness creativity to drive meaningful change. Here, the founders reflect on new ways of collaborating, with both clients and creatives

Kin is a creative company that understands its responsibility in the industry and believes that whoever it works with, creativity and culture can drive social change.

Started in 2019 by Kwame Taylor-Hayford and Sophie Ozoux, the duo have taken different elements from the places they’ve worked with in the past to inform the structure of Kin. “We’ve picked ingredients from each type of organisation. In a consultancy, it’s important to go deep and find that connection to the business. When it comes to an agency, it’s all about creative excellence, and at a ­startup there’s that entrepreneurial, flexible, ‘test and try’ approach,” explains Ozoux.

“In order to really have a clear, positive impact, it’s important that we come to the table with all these elements to ensure we’re not only smart and in line with business objectives, but we also adapt to the reality of our clients who might not be fully ready,” she continues. “It’s the right way to help ­people and organisations get their toes into the game and then grow from there.”

Top and above: Faces of Travel campaign for Delta, 2023. Photos by Seo Ju