Kinema: brand identity

Category: Brand Identity – Launch; Entrant: Mucho

Kinema brand identity 1

Kinema is a new social cinema platform making it easy for anyone, anywhere to show movies and share in the proceeds. The platform enables grassroots screening tours of films, in person and online, allowing smaller, independent films to reach places they might not have otherwise.

Working closely with the Kinema team, Mucho devised a new brand identity for the company that centres around a bold wordmark and symbol. By combining the first two letters of the name, a graphic camera and/or projector icon is formed, putting technology and entertainment at the heart of the brand. Mucho also created new messaging that speaks to Kinema’s reason for being: helping expand the definition of cinema and democratising access.

Kinema brand identity 2
Kinema brand identity 3
Kinema brand identity 4

Design Studio: Mucho
Creative Director: Rob Duncan
Design Directors: Lyam Bewry, Luke Robertson
Designers: Luke Robertson, Cindy Zheng
Copywriter: David Begler