Studio Sutherl&: Kings Place

Honourable Mention: Design, Brand Identity

Kings Place is a world-renowned multi-arts venue in the heart of London’s Kings Cross, which curates a series of festivals to engage diverse communities. With this brand identity, Studio Sutherl& wanted to express the energy and variety of performances that take place at the venue – and to reflect the shape of the building (designed by Dixon Jones), which has a glass ‘wave’ façade. To do this, the team created a logotype that visualises the sound waves from various performances held at Kings Place.

Studio Sutherl& worked with Joe Pochciol, a software engineer and digital media artist, to build the SoundWaveMachine, a bespoke software package for audio analysis, visualisation and rendering that can generate a new logotype based on any sound file. The ‘machine’ can be used to produce an infinite number of logotypes (static or animated) to reflect the eclectic programming at Kings Place. It can be uploaded onto any computer so the client and any of its partners can produce sound reflected in headlines and logotypes within the system.

Kings Place had a plethora of sub-brands for its diverse programme, so a big part of the project was trying to bring some rationale and common identity to everything it does. Studio Sutherl& can now create bespoke sub-brands in the same typeface using sound waves from music or sound that is appropriate to that festival or event. All the staff also picked tracks that had a connection to them and the venue. Logotypes were then produced for each person, to be used in business cards and email sign-offs.

A colour palette of red was used, which is in the building itself, combined with a bright pink to add more energy. Champion Middleweight was used for the logotypes and headlines, combined with Neue Haas Grotesk.

Design: Studio Sutherl&
Client: Robert Read, Kings Place
Creative Director: Jim Sutherland
Designers: Jim Sutherland, Rosey Trickett
Strategy: Jo Marsh, Winster Marsh
Digital media design: Joe Pochciol


Milton Keynes