KitKat Christmas Break provides some welcome relief

This is definitely the last Christmas ad we’ll post this year – we promise. Fittingly, it’s the antidote to all other seasonal spots – no turkey, no cheesy cover versions, no nothing

We know we’ve been bombarding you with Christmas ads for the last few weeks. So here’s the ad for everyone who hates Christmas ads. Thank you J Walter Thompson London

Creatives: Ryan Lawson and Andy Smith. Great voiceover by Tom Hollander

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ITV runs a knitted ad break

This evening, during its Text Santa charity fundraiser, ITV ran an ad break created in the medium of wool. Brands including BT, British Gas, Nationwide, DFS, Amazon Prime and Dreams all saw their usual ads recreated in knits during the break – we talk to ITV Creative about how it was done.

LabelMaker – the punk upstart that went corporate

In an extract from Art Chantry’s new book of essays on graphic design from Feral House, the designer salutes the enduring power of the LabelMaker technology and how its roots in DIY culture helped give voice to punk fans, post-modernists and, eventually, big business

New survey reveals the death of social mobility in the arts and cultural sector

Panic!, a survey of working life in the cultural and creative industries by arts organisation Create in association with Goldsmiths, University of London, University of Sheffield, and LSE, reveals that the arts are now virtually a closed shop where most people are middle class. The survey comes at a crucial time for the arts sector, with further cuts to funding expected in the government’s spending review on November 25.

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