Bereaved mothers share their stories in hard-hitting knife crime campaign

Created by AMV BBDO, Hard Calls Save Lives is a collaborative campaign between Crimestoppers and the Metropolitan Police Service

We’re all too aware of the horrific statistics around the number of young people losing their lives to knife crime by now, and a new campaign from independent charity Crimestoppers and the Metropolitan Police Service is aiming to tackle the issue in London head on by encouraging people to share any information they may have.

Created by AMV BBDO, Hard Calls Save Lives features a series of ads starring five real-life mothers who have lost a child to knife crime. In the films, Jean, Yvonne, Becky, Lorraine and Lillian relive the hardest call they had to make, accompanied by stark black and white footage.

By allowing the mothers to speak directly to the public about their experiences, the campaign acknowledges that it can be hard to phone in with information – but reminds us that there are always harder calls.

Creative agency: AMV BBDO
CCO: Alex Grieve
ECDs: Nicholas Hulley and Nadja Lossgott
Creative director: Martin Loraine
Creatives: Martin Loraine, Steve Jones
Production company: Academy
Director: Seb Edwards
DOP: Stephen Keith Roach
Editing company: Trim
Editor: Tom Lindsay
Post-production company: MPC