Kyle Berger on championing the still image

The photographer talks to CR about his creative process, and how he’s focusing more on the ‘why’ behind his images rather than just the ‘what’

“I was never accepted as someone whose work could be considered exceptional (technically or theoretically) so I thought, why not make it fun!” says Kyler Berger. “I started with a point and shoot, leaning more in a documentary lane. Then moved into studio still life, working with concept, props, lighting, and post-production. Now my work lives comfortably in the space between both styles.”

The Canadian photographer’s images are crisp, offbeat, and unexpected; he acknowledges that he’s not a purist in that he constructs and collages his images together to create a surreal reality. “I think I am happiest with my work when it exhibits a digitally constructed outlandish concept, while living in a world of still photography,” he tells CR. “I want the viewer of my images to be confused and entertained.”

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