Labadi Beach Polo Club by Mark Read

Honourable Mention – Editorial

Mark Read photographed the performers on Labadi Beach in Accra, Ghana, on a commission for an education charity. “As you step onto Labadi Beach, you are [surrounded] by a frenzy of spinning, flipping gymnasts, and champion horse riders galloping around you, all competing for your attention. This is the hustle, but these kids were raised on the streets, and this isn’t a game – it’s survival,” says Read. “The riders wear polo shirts – they call themselves the Polo Club.

“I had been in northern Ghana working for an education charity and photographing remarkable students on their way to becoming the future leaders of Ghana,” he continues. “I had been to Accra before and added a couple of days to my trip to photograph this group of beach entertainers. The scene on the beach is wonderful to watch – a real celebration of skill and showmanship.”

Photographer: Mark Read
First Assistant: Delta Rae Read