Lacoste replaces crocodile logo for limited edition range

In a collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Lacoste has swapped its famous crocodile logo for ten of the world’s most threatened animals on a set of limited edition polo shirts.

Lacoste Save Our Species

Lacoste’s crocodile logo is known throughout the world, but on a limited edition of polo shirts created in partnership with the ICUN’s Save Our Species initiative, the brand is dropping it. It will be replaced with a series of ten different animals, all of which are facing extinction.

The shirts will be available in editions that correspond with the amount of individual animals known to remain in the wild, from 30 shirts for the Vaquita to 450 for the Anegada Rock Iguana. There are 1,175 shirts available in total, and the collection launched during Lacoste’s show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday. All can be purchased online at

The Save Our Species project marks the first time that a Lacoste product has been released without the crocodile logo since it first came into use, 85 years ago.

Agency: BETC Paris
CCO: Rémi Babinet
Creative director: Antoine Choque
Creatives: Céline Mazza, Olivier Aumard, Jonathan Baudet-Botella