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What Would I Change

While lockdown has brought huge disruption to our lives, it has offered the chance for reflection. Here, we speak to creatives about the ways they’d like to change their industries for the better

Creative Review 40th Birthday Issue

Creative Review is 40! Here, we look back at CR’s journey and highlight some of the moments, and the creatives, that have made the magazine what it is today

Diversity and Equality in the Creative Industries

As we all reflect on the urgent need for greater equality across society, we’ve looked through our archive to find relevant resources and reading on diversity in the creative industries – here is a series of articles about the organisations that are striving for change, as well as personal stories of why it is so […]

Creativity in the age of coronavirus

The outbreak of Covid-19 has shaken the world to its core, leaving the creative industries in an unprecedented situation. We catch up with creatives in quarantine, and explore the different ways that brands and studios are adapting

Reasons to be Cheerful

To keep you going in these strange times, we’ve collated some of our most inspiring, entertaining and downright happy content. Here’s some reasons to be cheerful

Truth and Lies

Fake news, misinformation, deep fakes: these expressions symbolise some of the challenges we face in the 2020s. Here, we look at how truth and lies are influencing our lives and the creative work we make

Creativity and Gender

This special report looks at the subject of gender as it relates to the creative industries. Topics include the rise of gender neutral products and brands; how to be an ally to non-binary colleagues; and the changing face of modern masculinity

Love, Sex & Creativity

This month, Creative Review wades into the deep waters of love and sex – examining how artists, writers and creatives explore the topic; and looking at the brands that are changing attitudes

Creativity, Mental Health & Wellness

From beating burnout to cultivating confidence and challenging stigmas, this special report from Creative Review looks at how our mental health influences our work and creativity

Why Play Matters

Play has value in our lives beyond being a tool for relaxing: in fact it is key for creativity. Here CR looks at the brands, designers and creatives that use play most effectively, and how it can help in our work


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