Aimee Mclaughlin

Aimée joined Creative Review in 2018, and became associate editor in 2023. She writes about trends and developments in advertising and design, and is interested in film & TV and digital culture

How Hay built a cult home brand

Mette and Rolf Hay have spent the last two decades elevating everyday objects. Here, the husband-and-wife founders discuss how Hay continually pushes boundaries while sticking to its democratic design values

Opening Line

Why brand language matters

Opening Line founder Zosia Swidlicka discusses why the world of brand language remains so misunderstood, and how it inspired her to create her new publication Between the Lines

Otherway acquisition

Otherway on being acquired

Following creative agency Otherway’s acquisition by Common Interest, founder Jono Holt discusses what it means for the company’s future and what he’s learned along the way