Ben Kay

Ben Kay is the co-founder and Creative Director of Invincible Unicorn

Art director vs copywriter?

The ad industry has long paired two creatives in the roles of art director and copywriter, but how do the positions divide up in the modern industry?

Writing for Robots

Tech is infiltrating the advertising landscape in increasingly unexpected ways – including who, or what, will be judging your copywriting skills, writes our advertising correspondent Ben Kay

A change at the top

Those leading ad agencies today are taking increasingly unconventional paths to the top and often emerging via the worlds of design and film. It is a change for the better, says our advertising correspondent Ben Kay

On the creative benefits of boundaries

We’re living in a time of extreme restriction, which is affecting our lives in all ways, including how we work and create. But while this might appear a negative, here our ad correspondent Ben Kay explains the positive benefits that boundaries can bring

Ben Kay on why context matters

With so many options for where your ad might sit today, it can be hard to predict the context of how the audience will see it. But, as Ben Kay points out, this info can be vital for how you make it