Ben Kay

Ben Kay is the co-founder and Creative Director of Invincible Unicorn

What does ‘the big idea’ really mean?

In his latest column, our advertising correspondent Ben Kay discovers that ‘the big idea’ means many different things to many different people, and proposes that a bit of definition may in fact be helpful to creatives

Ben Kay on AI and creativity

This month, our advertising correspondent reflects on how AI may infiltrate the creative department, and why, instead of fearing it, we should see it as a spur to reinvent the industry

Ben Kay on legacy in advertising

When crap films will always be remembered – and revisited – over the very best work that the advertising industry will produce, creatives need to think of other ways of leaving a legacy, says Ben Kay

Ben Kay on data and advertising

In his latest column for CR, Ben Kay reflects on the often-tense relationship between creativity and data, and how ad agencies might stop the brain drain of talent to tech companies