The best advertising work, how it was made, who made it and why

Trends of 2019: How We Work

The way that we work today was put under scrutiny in 2019, as new styles of working – from flexible and remote working to the four-day week – were discussed widely. We examine the key points here

How RizeUp is mobilising young people to vote

Photographer, filmmaker and activist Josh Cole founded non-partisan political movement RizeUp to give young, homeless and economically deprived people a voice. We speak to him about the campaign ahead of the forthcoming UK election

Trends of 2019: Branding and logos

This year saw the release of some major rebrands and new logos, plus real innovation in sectors – from death to the law – that have previously proved resistant to modern branding techniques. We examine the highs and lows of 2019 here

Trends of 2019: Advertising

We look back at a year when advertising got decidedly meta, when creative effectiveness was questioned, along with toxic masculinity, and when – of course – there was plenty of brand purpose