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On trying to work in a building full of art

The art gallery can offer the freelance designer a quiet, contemplative space in which to work without distraction. Unless you start looking at the art. And the art is by John Stezaker, whose collages you really, really like….

A portrait of Britain by Niall McDiarmid

Niall McDiarmid has travelled to over 200 towns across Britain in the past seven years, taking more than 2,000 portraits. A selection of McDiarmid’s photographs are shared in a new book and a forthcoming exhibition at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol: here, we talk to him about how he creates his work, and why it occasionally proves controversial.

St Bride Library relaunches Friends membership scheme

For over 120 years St Bride Library in London has been an invaluable resource of printing and typographic history. It is the largest print and publishing library in the world and contains 10,000 type specimens and over 80,000 books. Yet in recent times it has increasingly relied on support from the wider creative community in […]

Design in the GDR

Taschen’s East German Handbook provides a fascinating overview of life in the former East Germany via the design of everyday objects, brands, artworks and artefacts

How to get your work noticed

Whether you’re a photographer, illustrator, director or aspiring artist, we’ve gathered some advice on organising your website, updating your Instagram feed and making sure your work gets noticed

Untypical Girls

Untypical Girls traces the history of women in punk and indie music, and features rare and brilliant documentary photography of bands stretching from 1977 to 1993. We talk to the book’s author, Sam Knee, about his love of this era of music and why it is important to remember the women of the scene.

The Art of the Wu-Tang Clan

CR talks to RZA and Mathematics of legendary hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan about its logo design, album artwork and fashion lines, as well as the controversial art ‘experiment’, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin  “Mathematics designed the logo and somebody said, ‘it looks like a bird’. And somebody else said, ‘yeah, it’s like an […]

Cig Harvey

You An Orchestra You A Bomb by Cig Harvey

Inspired in part by her reaction to a car crash, photographer Cig Harvey’s new book examines time, relationships and why we should embrace life’s “boring Tuesdays”. We talk to her about how she creates her work.