Inspiration, innovation and key developments from the art world

My breakthrough moment: Emily Forgot

The graphic artist has worked with Adidas and the BBC, as well as crafting her own surreal ceramics. Here, she discusses the excitement of creating her first window display for Selfridges, and why she tries to recapture that feeling in her work now

My breakthrough moment: Hassan Hajjaj

The Moroccan-born, British-based artist’s work examines being caught between two cultures, and mixes Western and Arabic influences. Here, he reflects on one of his first professional photos, and how it took on a life of its own post-9/11

How I use colour: John Walter

John Walter’s art contains a mash up of ideas from science, pop culture and philosophy, all presented using bountiful, exuberant colours. We talk to him about the use of colour in his work: how it influences his process and surprises his audiences

Has Trump killed the colour orange?

Trump’s tangerine tint has inspired funny nicknames, hilarious memes, witty placards and controversial magazine covers. But has the association between the man and the faultless colour negatively impacted the latter?

How I use colour: Camille Walala

This week, we’re talking to artists and creatives about how they use colour in their work. Here, Camille Walala explains how her childhood home influenced her distinctive aesthetic and how she selects colours for large-scale commissions

Why I love the V&A Cast Courts

As the V&A in London completes its redevelopment of its iconic Cast Courts, which hold a collection of 19th century plaster casts of works of antiquity, Eliza Williams reflects on what they reveal about art, history and the power of the copy

Exposure: Oli Kellett

Over the last two years, Oli Kellett has made the difficult transition from commercial photographer to artist. Art Director Gem Fletcher speaks to the Hastings-based artist about this change, his creative process, and a new body of work titled Cross Road Blues