Inspiration, innovation and key developments from the art world

Red Star Over Russia: A Revolution in Visual Culture 1905–55

From propaganda to avant-garde art and design, Russian visual culture was shaped by the events that established the USSR in the early twentieth-century. A new exhibition at Tate Modern features highlights from the late designer David King’s unrivalled collection of work from this period

Frankenstein: Making of a Modern Myth

In his new book, Christopher Frayling examines how Mary Shelley’s novel of 1818 brought about one of the most enduring characters in literature and film – and created a visual language all its own

Illustrator Tom Gauld on telling tales with toons

Tom Gauld’s new collection of cartoons examines the world of books, from their writing and publication, to how we read and talk about them. Mark Sinclair speaks to the illustrator about coming up with ideas, constructing visual jokes and how, even with a distinctly minimalist approach, there is always a story to tell Tom Gauld’s […]

WIm Wenders

Wim Wenders on Polaroids

“I don’t think I’m romanticising when I allege that Polaroids were the last outburst of a time when we had certainty, not only in images. We had nothing but confidence in things, period.”