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Reckoning with Eric Gill’s legacy

Is it possible to separate the personal lives of artists and designers from the work they produce? As controversies around Eric Gill bubble up once more, designer Craig Oldham considers how we should handle his legacy

Creative, designer or influencer?

The lines between being a creative and an influencer are increasingly blurring, as generations of designers and artists come of age on social media. Here we talk to social media filmmaker Kevin Parry about how he grapples with being both

Trends of 2021: The year in tech

If 2020 was defined by time spent indoors, in 2021 we were asked to expand our horizons outwards – virtually. We look back at how NFTs and the metaverse took root in culture, how brands got in on the virtual act, and the ways in which creators addressed responsibility in tech

Exposure: Nail Artist Sonya Belakhlef

In art director Gem Fletcher’s latest column highlighting talent within the photography industry, she profiles New York-based nail artist Sonya Belakhlef, who works with both editorial and commercial clients

Art director vs copywriter?

The ad industry has long paired two creatives in the roles of art director and copywriter, but how do the positions divide up in the modern industry?