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Predictions for the new decade: Perry Nightingale

To mark the start of the 2020s, we’ve asked a selection of our regular columnists to offer up some predictions of what lies ahead for the creative industries. Here, creative technologist Perry Nightingale outlines some wildcard moments in tech that may happen this decade

The changing state of play

During the 20th century, the concept of play blossomed as its creative and educational benefits were revealed. We talk to Shamita Sharmacharja, co-curator of Play Well, an exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London, about its evolution

How to nurture new talent

The creative industries can feel bewildering for newcomers, who rely on the wisdom of more experienced practitioners to find their way. Here we explore how to support creatives who are just starting out, from giving constructive criticism to helping people refine their ideas

Trends of 2019: Social Media and Creativity

This year saw increased analysis and reflection over the impact that social media has had on creativity, from the dangerous lure of the likes to the way that social channels could be designed for the better. Here are the key points to catch up on

The Year in Music

As society’s tensions with technology and identity continue to rage, figures in the music industry tackled them with an open mind, making 2019 a year of great complexity but even greater creativity

Movie posters of the year 2019

It’s been another glorious year for movie posters, which has seen illustration in particular rise to the fore. Here, CR’s design correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray picks his ten favourites of 2019