Inspiration, innovation and key developments from the art world

Corita Kent

Corita Kent: Get With The Action

A new exhibition at Ditchling Museum in Sussex celebrates 20 years of the art and design of Corita Kent, an artist, educator, activist and nun in LA in the 1960s. We talk to curator Donna Steele and artist Morag Myerscough about Kent’s life and why her art still inspires today.

Poster Workshop

Remembering the Poster Workshop

If you were left-wing in London in the late 60s, the Poster Workshop was the place to print your political posters. As a new book on the workshop is released, we talk to founder Sam Lord about its history and why its aims still resonate today.

The Paper Aviary by dn&co.

This project was selected in the Design – Installations & Exhibitions category in The Annual 2018, CR’s award scheme that celebrates the best in commercial creativity

Eleanor Macnair

A photographic history in Play-Doh

Eleanor Macnair began recreating famous photographs in Play-Doh on a whim in 2014. Four years later her work is being exhibited all over the world. As a new show opens in Germany, we talk to her about her “strange journey”.

Dominic Wilcox on his whimsical inventions

Dominic Wilcox takes everyday objects and actions into the realm of the unusual, with results as varied as a Stained Glass Car to an art exhibition for dogs. He’s now helping kids to realise their own inventive ideas