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How I Get Ideas: Comic book author Ann Nocenti

Author Ann Nocenti has worked on some of the biggest titles in the comic book world. She shares how a wander through the city can be enough to create an entire storyline, and why paying attention to niggling thoughts can spark big ideas 

How I work: Nora Krug

Fresh from winning Illustrator of the Year at the 2019 V&A Illustration Awards, Nora Krug discusses her ‘documentarian’ approach to writing books, and how she pieces illustrations together like sculptures

An oral history of: Skittles’ Taste The Rainbow

It’s been 15 years since TBWA\Chiat\Day New York unleashed the singing rabbit and sentient beard on the world. We find out how it tapped into Skittles’ surreal alternate universe, and why it was never just about being weird for the sake of it