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Berlin: The graphic novel that took 20 years to complete

Jason Lutes has spent the past two decades working on Berlin – an epic, 600-page graphic novel that follows the lives of Berlin residents in the years leading up to World War Two. We talk to Lutes about the process and the changing perceptions of the comic as an art form

How I Work: Jessie Burton

Novelist Jessie Burton has recreated her writing space in the window of Heal’s in London as part of an exhibition for London Design Festival. We talk to her about how her real writing ‘shed’ influences her writing, and how she copes with both success and criticism

What it was like to give a demo to Steve Jobs

Ken Kocienda’s new book Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process offers a deep dive into his life as a software engineer at the company. In this extract, Kocienda describes giving a demo of his iPhone keyboard design to Steve Jobs