Brand Profiles

Creative Review interviews the leaders behind brands that have creative thinking at their core

How Hay built a cult home brand

Mette and Rolf Hay have spent the last two decades elevating everyday objects. Here, the husband-and-wife founders discuss how Hay continually pushes boundaries while sticking to its democratic design values

Can Surreal shake up the world of cereal?

Healthy cereal startup Surreal is using playful design and an irreverent tone of voice to cut through in a crowded category. But the debate around its latest campaign is a stark reminder why brands need to put authenticity first

How Squarespace found its edge

Squarespace has taken the fusty world of website builders and found an opportunity for imagination and entertainment. CCO David Lee talks to us about how the brand manages to draw blockbuster talent and why it’s starting to direct ads in-house

#Merky Books: Five years on

Launched in 2018 by Stormzy and Penguin Random House, #Merky Books set out to change the mainstream publishing landscape. We look at the impact it has had so far

Inside the Beano brain

While it remains a hugely successful weekly children’s comic, via its insights consultancy and content studio, the Beano brand is now also a valuable bellwether on the tastes of Gen A

Collina Strada: Reimagining fashion

Collina Strada is offering a new vision of what a fashion brand can be. Here, founder Hillary Taymour and co-creative director Charlie Engman talk about community, sustainability, and making ‘good trouble’

Photograph of a child lying on the ground facing a Lego Ninja figuring

Brick by brick: Behind the scenes at Lego

From canny collaborations to a deep understanding of how kids interact digitally, Lego has evolved from a physical toy brand to an entertainment juggernaut – all while keeping the humble brick at the heart of what it does

Superette's Annex store

Superette: A fresh take on cannabis retail

With its exuberant visual language and store designs, Canadian retail brand Superette is making its mark on the budding legal cannabis industry. Co-founder Drummond Munro explains how design has helped to shake things up

Image of the Balenciaga and Fortnite promotion in Times Square

Epic Games: The dreamers of the dreams

Want to know what works in the metaverse? Then look to Epic Games’ Fortnite, which is no longer just a game but an entertainment platform that also hosts music, art, and impressive brand experiences

How Minor Figures learned to lean back

With its irreverent illustrated characters and laidback personality, coffee products brand Minor Figures is offering a fresh take on the often divisive plant-based market. Co-founder Stuart Forsyth talks to us about challenging the challenger brand narrative

Turbo Island Post Punk

Naughty but niche: inside Turbo Island

Dealing in daft gags and cult music fandom, the Bristol-based T-shirt and print platform has been making us chuckle for eight years now though still struggles with the concept of being a ‘brand’