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On Road’s innovative approach to research

On Road is ditching clichéd, millennial market research spiel for an open and honest dialogue with young consumers. We talk to the studio’s founders about working on Nike’s Nothing Beats a Londoner ad, and why research should never feel transactional

WePresent: Changing perceptions of branded content

As WeTransfer’s editorial website, WePresent, celebrates its first birthday, Editor Rob Alderson reflects on how brands are now less “guarded and precious” in what could be a new era for branded content that evokes a bygone era of long-form journalism

How Elvie is changing women’s health tech

Elvie has brought some much-needed innovation to women’s health tech – along with a tongue-in-cheek approach to advertising. We talk to Elvie’s Darren Goode and Mother ECD Ana Balarin about the brand’s approach