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Starting Over: Launching an advertising start-up

Launching an ad start-up might be a dream for many, but what’s it really like? Here, creatives Jim Townsend and Oli Cole, who founded Made By Blah in 2017, talk through the ups and downs, and how a mix of creativity and luck led to projects with Nike and giff gaff

Is creativity in crisis?

A recent report on the future of creativity reveals that consumers think brands lack originality and that 65% think that all brands look alike

Unravelling the 90s sportswear brand boom

Fila, Kappa and Champion are all back in a big way, as part of a wave of sportswear brands undergoing a revival. But is it just 90s nostalgia, or is there more at play? And what can other ‘zombie’ brands learn from their example? CR finds out

Creative Leaders on Beginnings: Nils Leonard

To mark the start of the new year, we’ve talked to a number of CR’s Creative Leaders 50 about how they got started in their careers, the best advice they’ve received and how they bring their teams with them when beginning a new project. First up: Uncommon’s Nils Leonard