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How alcohol-free got a refresh

Non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip has kickstarted a new category, blending 17th century distillation techniques with botanical-themed design to win drinkers over. Here’s how the brand reinvented alcohol-free

Could the right branding have us all eating bugs?

The foods of the future are better for our planet and our conscience, but not necessarily our appetite. As insect-based products and unfamiliar alternatives to meat and dairy spring up, we explore whether design can help us overcome our aversion

Paris gets greater

A hugely ambitious project, involving 68 new Metro stations, seeks to expand our idea of Paris beyond the old city and into the suburbs. Eliza Williams talks to Rémi Babinet, of advertising agency BETC, about what the changes might mean for the city

Tourism campaigns, the good ones

The world is packed with wonder and variety, but genuinely original tourism ads are few and far between. Mark Tungate tracks down some of the most innovative campaigns of recent years

How to brand a place

Today’s place branding is about much more than logos. Rachael Steven talks to five experts about the challenges and complexities of designing visual identities for countries, cities and neighbourhoods