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How I Got Here: Leanne Shapton

As a writer, artist, and publisher, Leanne Shapton is a master of spinning plates. CR finds out how a love of Push Pin Studios and growing up immersed in dark tales shaped her creative approach

The brands taking sustainability seriously

Going green is set to be big business in the coming years, thanks to huge demand for products that are also good for the planet. We speak to Ikea, Ren and Freitag about their approach to sustainability, and how to spot the brands that are simply jumping on the bandwagon

A future without brand purpose

If we’re serious about brands doing less harm and more good in the world, then we need to drop the flawed idea of brand purpose – and retain the good intentions behind it

The future of food

Rethinking the way that we grow, farm and consume food is set to play a huge role in helping us preserve the planet for future generations. But is our aversion to lab grown meats and ‘frankenplants’ holding us back? CR investigates

How Ikea is bringing the smart home to the masses

We’re on the cusp of remotely controlling every aspect of our homes – from heating and lighting down to putting the kettle on for a cuppa. Ikea is chasing that dream with its Home Smart initiative, which is proving that connected devices should put people, not technology, first

Do we need a code of ethics for design?

Designers have come under increasing pressure to consider the ethics and potential impact of their work. But what does this mean in practice – particularly if you’re working for a large corporation?

Brands and ‘surveillance capitalism’

With companies capturing information on everything from how we sleep to what we feel, it’s easier than ever for brands to overstep the line with our personal data. Are we sleepwalking into a disaster, or can companies embrace a more ethical use of our information?

Monotype redesigns Helvetica “for the 21st century”

After almost four years of painstaking work, Monotype has created a new version of Helvetica – the ubiquitous typeface used by everyone from Apple to Nestlé and Lufthansa. We talk to Type Director Charles Nix about the challenges of updating a much-loved design

Can we get over our aversion to AI?

Scaremongering news headlines and TV shows like Black Mirror have got many of us fearful that ‘the robots are coming’, while the Japanese have been happily frolicking with robot dogs for decades. We delve into the differing perceptions of AI in East and West

What’s next for personalisation?

Access to better data – and better tech – is allowing brands to experiment with more creative approaches to personalisation. We take a look at some innovative examples – and explore what the next wave of tailored experiences might look like

Designing ourselves: The future of cyborgs

In our tech-obsessed world, merging man and machine could be the next logical step – but comes with a whole host of ethical questions. We speak to activist and artist Neil Harbisson about life as a cyborg, and what the future holds for ‘transpecies’

The rise of the grotesque in beauty

Our obsession with perfect beauty is subsiding and being replaced with grotesque, ugly or alien looks. Emma Chiu, Creative Innovation Director at Wunderman Thompson New York, explores the trend

Are we expecting too much from Gen A?

In the first edition of a regular column for CR, Patrick Burgoyne reflects on Generation Alpha, and the hopes, dreams and expectations that future-gazers and brands are already placing on their shoulders

Future of Work: Flexible Working

Flexible working is no longer a rarity, but has yet to become the norm that its advocates expect it to be in the future. We examine the challenges that need to be overcome by businesses and wider society before we can all get with the flex

Future of Work: freelance vs full-time

A full-time staff job at an ad agency was once the holy grail for creatives. But as employees seek a more flexible working life, freelancing is becoming increasingly attractive. We look at what it’s like to take the leap, and whether the industry is ready for a new way of working

How The Front is giving a voice to female filmmakers

After stepping down as ECD at Vice Media, Thalia Mavros launched The Front: a majority-female production company making stories by women and underrepresented voices. Here we talk to Mavros about the company’s work and its inclusive approach to filmmaking

The changing face of women’s football

Ahead of the hotly anticipated World Cup this summer, we look at whether brands are taking a fresh approach to marketing the women’s game, and the lessons they can take away from the success of campaigns like This Girl Can