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Could VR put an end to phobias?

Virtual reality is already making a big impact in the gaming world, but its potential to treat severe phobias such as the fear of heights has so far been relatively untapped. Aimée McLaughlin investigates the possibilities of VR therapy

On the fear of underachieving

With Gen Zs leading the way in politics and beyond, society has become embroiled in a race to keep up. Megan Williams speaks to figures in art and publishing from different generations to uncover more about the fear of underachieving and how to move past it

Tea Uglow on bravery and fear

Can you really pick and choose whether to be brave? Tea Uglow, Creative Director of Google Creative Lab in Sydney, examines society’s understanding of fear and bravery, and the clichés and limitations it may contain

Does the creative industry need more mentors?

Mentors can be invaluable when it comes to navigating the pitfalls of creative work, whether that’s getting a job, going freelance or launching a new business. So why don’t more of us seek them out, and why aren’t mentoring schemes more widespread?

Designing for the far right

A new book from Steven Heller examines the history of the symbols used by the far right. Here, he talks to Daniel Cookney about why these designs have proved so enduring, and also advocates for why they should be banned

How I Got Here: Isamaya Ffrench

Isamaya Ffrench became one of the most sought-after creatives in fashion thanks to her unconventional use of makeup. Here, she talks to CR about her art, the pressure that comes with finding success at an early age and her conflicted relationship with social media

In praise of going local

Design students dream of working with big name brands, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Graphic designer Joshua James Saunders tells CR why working with local businesses is sometimes a better choice

How to write for chatbots

London agency Byte has created chatbots for the Barbican, adidas and Victoria Beckham. We talk to its Director of Technology Isabel Perry about creating engaging conversations and what the chatbots of the future might look like

Why going green has gone blue

As the world enters a new age of sustainable tech, branding for eco-friendly products has changed with the times. CR explores why classic greens have been traded for cooler tones as the image of sustainability gets a refresh

What is a word, exactly?

In an exclusive piece for Creative Review, Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani and his colleagues Zuki Sedgley and Ashley Johnson write about the three words that mean the most to them

How do you translate an ad concept?

Brands and agencies have a track record of stumbling their way through ads for foreign markets. We speak to W+K Amsterdam MD Blake Harrop and ECD Eric Quennoy about getting humour right and why it’s not a case of translating words but ideas

How Dipsea is rethinking erotica

The self-proclaimed ‘sexual wellness’ app is hoping to wake up the world to the realities of female desire with its racy audio stories. We speak to co-founder Gina Gutierrez about its refreshing approach to getting women off

How Blinkist is streamlining the way we read

Blinkist is on a mission to tackle information overload by enabling us to speed-read the latest bestseller in 15 minutes. But is it stripping the joy out of books altogether? We speak to the app’s co-founder Niklas Jansen

The evolution of emojis

From crying with joy to the flirty aubergine, emojis have become engrained in our everyday discourse. We speak to Google’s emoji program Creative Director, Jennifer Daniel, about how they are helping shape keyboard culture