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How design can help solve the UK’s housing crisis

With the UK in the grip of a well-documented housing crisis, we need good quality housing that is built to last, and will serve the complex needs of modern society. We talk to architects David Levitt and Jo McCafferty about the difference design can make

The joys of the corner shop experience

Felt artist Lucy Sparrow makes entire supermarkets full of fluffy ketchup fruit and fuzzy fruit. We speak to her about why the corner shop has become a recurrent theme in her work, and what makes the UK corner shop experience unique

How Airbnb is reimagining the office experience

Aaron Taylor Harvey heads up Airbnb’s Environments team, which has brought to life its offices everywhere from San Francisco to São Paulo. He discusses the challenges of designing for such a fast growing business, and why flexi-working needn’t threaten the future of the office

Creating the blockbuster exhibition experience

Bringing a blockbuster show to life for the likes of the Science Museum and V&A promises bigger budgets and more room for experimentation – but inevitably comes with added pressures. We speak to Nissen Richards’ founder Pippa Nissen about what it takes

Does architecture need more graphic design?

Dutch designer Hansje van Halem is changing how we experience the buildings around us, using tiles, 3D installations and patterned facades to personalise churches and housing blocks. CR finds out if it’s time to give graphic designers a chance at architecture

How I Work: Amanda Johnstone-Batt, Framestore Rides

Rollercoasters are no longer all about the corkscrew and loop-the-loop. They’ve become rich interactive experiences that use AR, VR and CGI to immerse riders in the story. Amanda Johnstone-Batt, CGI Supervisor on Framestore’s Rides team, tells CR what it takes to make them work

I was the… production designer for The Favourite

Fresh from winning a BAFTA for her work on Yorgos Lanthimos’ brilliantly surreal take on the reign of Queen Anne, we speak to Fiona Crombie about creating everything from wheelchairs to rabbit cages, and making a period drama work on an indie film budget

How I Got Here: Illustrator Noma Bar

The Israeli illustrator’s work is instantly recognisable for his masterful use of negative space and clever take on current affairs. He discusses how it all began in the forests of Galilee, and why creatives shouldn’t be afraid of bringing about political change through their work

Inside the Hay Festival Experience

Reading is usually perceived as a solo activity, but the Hay Festival has turned it into a community experience. We talk to founder Peter Florence about why a live event works for literature and how they’ve spread the Hay brand around the world

How design is opening up the gaming experience

As the first mass-market games product for disabled people, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is reconsidering who gaming is for, and how they experience it. Microsoft designer Chris Kujawski tells CR why it’s the highlight of his creative career

How to make great experiential ads

The advertising industry has been enamoured with the marketing potential of immersive events, VR and AR for some time now. But how do you make a really effective experiential ad? We spoke to a number of experts to find out

Dong-Ping Wong on designing buildings that give back

Wong’s work spans a water-filtering floating pool in New York, through to weird and wonderful stores for cult streetwear brand Off-White. Here, he discusses the importance of creating experiences through architecture, and why the industry is changing for the better

How I Got Here: Punchdrunk founder Felix Barrett

Punchdrunk’s lavish theatre shows have inspired all kinds of immersive experiences – from pop-up supper clubs to musical performances. Founder Felix Barrett reflects on how the company got started and the pressures that come with fame

How We Met: Megaforce

French collective Megaforce have directed award-winning music videos and viral ads for the likes of Nike and Rihanna. Here, Raphaël Rodriguez and Clément Gallet tell us how the group met and how they work together as a foursome

How We Met: Friends With You

The founders of art collective Friends With You, Arturo Sandoval and Samuel Borkson, explain how they’ve kept a close friendship and creative partnership going for the past 20 years

How We Met: Toiletpaper

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s biannual art magazine is much loved by the creative world for its seductively surreal imagery. We speak to the duo about the decision to set up shop together, and why a typical Toiletpaper shoot could be compared to an orgy

How We Met: Ana and Hermeti Balarin, Mother

Working with your other half would be a living nightmare for most of us, but Ana and Hermeti Balarin have managed to make successful careers out of it. Here, they talk about going from Interns to Partners at Mother, and why having a kid changed everything

How We Met: GraphicDesign&

Together, Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright have made books about maths, politics and nuns’ habits, as part of a mission to explore graphic design’s place in the world. And none of it would have happened without a chance meeting through an ex-boyfriend

When should brands revisit the past?

A brand’s heritage can provide a great starting point for a new identity – but sometimes, the past is best avoided. We take a look at the brands drawing on their archives for inspiration and speak to three designers about the pros and cons of revisiting old identities