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How Dipsea is rethinking erotica

The self-proclaimed ‘sexual wellness’ app is hoping to wake up the world to the realities of female desire with its racy audio stories. We speak to co-founder Gina Gutierrez about its refreshing approach to getting women off

How Blinkist is streamlining the way we read

Blinkist is on a mission to tackle information overload by enabling us to speed-read the latest bestseller in 15 minutes. But is it stripping the joy out of books altogether? We speak to the app’s co-founder Niklas Jansen

The evolution of emojis

From crying with joy to the flirty aubergine, emojis have become engrained in our everyday discourse. We speak to Google’s emoji program Creative Director, Jennifer Daniel, about how they are helping shape keyboard culture

How much bad behaviour is OK?

After watching Fosse/Verdon, a series which explores the creative relationship between Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon, designer Paul Cardwell ponders what, if any, allowances we should make for the notorious ‘creative temperament’

How I Got Here: Lemn Sissay

Ahead of the release of his memoir, the poet discusses growing up in care, documenting his existence through poems when no one else listened, and poetry’s remarkable pop culture resurgence

Can AR help save retail?

AR is much talked about, but we rarely hear how it can be used creatively for brands. Here, Stink Studios’ James Britton examines the exciting and inventive possibilities for AR in retail spaces

How should you write about your work?

When it comes to showcasing your work, words can be just as important as visuals. We asked designer Adam Rix, and agents James Gerrard-Jones and Jon Cockley for advice on writing bios and descriptions of work, as well as how to communicate your ideas

What voice does your brand need?

Brands today need not only a clear visual identity, but an aural one too. But how is this best achieved? CR speaks to Roscoe Williamson, Head of Branding at MassiveMusic London and Pierre Nabhan of branding agency JoosNabhan for some expert advice

Do creative agencies need to work on their purpose?

When creative agencies insist that their clients have a purpose, should we be surprised when their employees question what their own is? Patrick Burgoyne wonders if it’s finally time for ad and design firms to be clear on their ethical stance

Will AI ever be able to replicate love?

Machines might be rapidly replacing humans in the workplace, but the complexity of deep human emotions and the innate, creative way that we make connections remains far beyond them, argues Perry Nightingale

Creating a dyslexia-friendly workplace

Dyslexia reportedly affects 10% of the UK, but it often goes unmentioned, unaccommodated or misunderstood in the workplace. We speak to experts about making a work environment where people with dyslexia can thrive

Looking north

With Channel 4 moving its HQ to Leeds next month, Hazel Davis takes a look at the thriving cultural scene in the city, as well as the challenges it faces to attract talent

How I Got Here: Jessica Walsh

As the designer launches her eponymous new agency &Walsh, she tells CR about designing her first website aged 11, dealing with the group of haters that come with being a well-known woman in design, and why you’re never too successful to rely on Google for answers

How I Get Ideas: Sound Designer Yuri Suzuki

The sound designer and recent Pentagram addition gets his ideas from a surprising array of places, whether that’s the latest Marvel blockbuster or the scribblings in his personal collection of Moleskine notebooks he has built up over the past decade