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Analysis of significant creative projects, people and trends

Why creativity is thriving in Cornwall

Home to an ever-growing array of studios, startups and eco-minded companies, Cornwall has become a hotbed of design-led business. Is the draw of the coast and the ‘blue mind’ effect simply too much to resist?

Purpose wins. Who loses?

The dominance of purpose-based work at creative awards schemes is part of an industry trend spanning two decades. But has the industry lost contact with reality? Nick Asbury investigates

How to commission great photography

From nailing the brief to making space for the magic to happen, CR spoke with photographer Shamil Tanna, IBM photo director Emily Keegin and East Photographic agent Kane Giblin to find out what it takes to commission great images

My Career Journey: Tony Davidson

Wieden + Kennedy London’s legendary ECD is passing on the torch after a 20-year tenure. He discusses the highs and lows of agency life, and how to know when it’s the right time to go

Why we need to stop screen shaming

A new report by We Are Pi and shows how good screens can be for children’s development. Here, two of the contributors to the report explain why it may finally be time for everyone to be less hung up about ‘screen time’

My Career Journey: Calmatic

The LA-based director behind music videos for Pharrell, Lizzo and Lil Nas X reflects on his journey from afterschool computer club to Grammy-winning director

Tom Hingston on designing for arts venues

As Hingston Studio’s type-led identities for the Serpentine and the V&A greet the general public, the designer talks to us about the importance of creating designs that give institutions flexibility in these times

My Career Journey: Christina Mallon

After being diagnosed with a rare form of motor neurone disease that paralysed her arms, Christina Mallon’s career path shifted dramatically, setting her on a mission to create a world accessible for everyone

Creativity in 2021: The shock of the wow

Renowned ad creative Graham Fink has recently launched an online creativity course, Fink Different. Here he explains why creatives needn’t fear the AI robots, and should always be aiming for ‘wow’

The changing face of travel

The pandemic has been the catalyst for all of us to reassess our relationship with travel. As the world slowly begins to reopen, we speak to the travel brands that are shaping what our holidays of the future might look like

My Career Journey: Polly Nor

Polly Nor creates striking, satirical drawings of women and their demons. We speak to the illustrator about her up-and-down career journey, the perils of imposter syndrome, and using art as an emotional release

How creativity could take us into space

Advances in science and technology mean space travel and tourism could become as normal as hopping on a flight. But what role does design and creativity play in transforming humans into a space-faring, multi-planetary civilisation?

Jump on 25 years of making motion graphics

Jump is responsible for the titles of some of the UK’s biggest TV entertainment and sports programmes. Here two of its co-founders look back on a turbulent 25 years in the industry, and what it takes to make a successful creative business

A change at the top

Those leading ad agencies today are taking increasingly unconventional paths to the top and often emerging via the worlds of design and film. It is a change for the better, says our advertising correspondent Ben Kay

Lydia Pang is done with side hustles

After roles at Refinery29 and Nike, creative director Lydia Pang took a bet on herself and co-founded her own studio. She talks to us about her journey, the decision to leave the world’s most famous brand and her passion for ethical storytelling