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Exposure: Nail Artist Sonya Belakhlef

In art director Gem Fletcher’s latest column highlighting talent within the photography industry, she profiles New York-based nail artist Sonya Belakhlef, who works with both editorial and commercial clients

The CDP guide to making great ads

Peter Levelle, director and former head of TV production at the storied Collett Dickenson Pearce, shares the ad agency’s gospel – including handling difficult clients, keeping creatives happy, and adopting a punishingly scrupulous approach to ideas

Art director vs copywriter?

The ad industry has long paired two creatives in the roles of art director and copywriter, but how do the positions divide up in the modern industry?

The cultural influence of Spike Lee

The acclaimed filmmaker has dipped his toe into advertising, teaching and even brand-building during his four-decade career. As he releases his first monograph, we look at how he became a pop culture icon

Seven ages of a creative: Graham Fink

The ad creative behind iconic work for British Airways, Dixons, Land Rover, and more reflects on 40 years in advertising, being the agent for the world’s first social humanoid robot, and the fast pace of our intoxicating digital future

Seven ages of a creative: Liz Johnson Artur

Over the past 30 years, the London-based photographer and Turner Prize-winning artist has used images to offer new perspectives on the Black experience. She talks about finally getting recognition for her work in her 50s

Seven ages of a creative: Lucienne Roberts

Despite her long-standing relationship with graphic design, Lucienne Roberts has begun questioning its contribution to the world. Here, she examines how the design industry has changed over the decades she has worked in it

Seven ages of a creative: Sho Shibuya

The New York-based designer and artist has experienced an organic career involving work at major studios and, more recently, recognition as a painter. Here, he explains why creating meaningful work matters more than age

Seven ages of a creative: Tami Aftab

Photographer Tami Aftab was a winner in the student category in the 2020 CR Photography Annual and has already worked with a range of clients. Here, she talks about how the photography industry is finally opening up to a more diverse set of voices

Unravelling VFX’s gender problem

We speak to 3D creative director Daena Lorne about the shocking lack of women working in visual effects, how she managed to break into the industry and what the solution could be

In search of that special sauce

Detail is everything in design, providing the magic that elevates an average project into something brilliant and charming. So why, asks Huge ECD Wayne Deakin, is it so often overlooked in digital design?

How cultural institutions can tackle sustainability

Is there a responsibility for cultural institutions to not just reflect the past, but contemplate the future as well? National Gallery Victoria curator Ewan McEoin talks to CR about the museum’s latest show on sustainability and why they want to invest in designers

Demographics be damned!

Why do so many brands and designers still assume older people are all penniless pensioners or ailing retirees – and why isn’t this changing faster? CR investigates the huge missed opportunity of the over-50s market