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Analysis of significant creative projects, people and trends

My Breakthrough Moment: Maira Kalman

The illustrator and writer discusses how, already 30 years into her career, a commission from the New York Times for a column called Principles of Uncertainty opened up a myriad of new possibilities

How to focus in a world of distractions

How can creatives manage their ‘whizzy’ brains, and is our pursuit of concentration doomed to fail? Illustrator and writer Ben Tallon discusses how to avoid the demons of procrastination, and still find time to let the brain percolate

To Instagram or not to Instagram

From battling algorithms to banned accounts, individuals across the creative industries are voicing frustrations with the platform. Is this the beginning of an Instagram exodus? And if so, what’s the alternative?

My Breakthrough Moment: Dean Chalkley

“Photography can be a thing unto itself. It’s more than documentation.” Dean Chalkley discusses how his 2005 portrait of Noel Gallagher marked a personal turning point in terms of culture and photography

Why it’s time for brand purpose to get real

“We’re just doing purpose on steroids now.” Thomas Kolster, jury chairman for the 2022 D&AD Impact awards, talks to CR about why it’s time for brands to move past the hot air, and truly recognise how they can help consumers in their lives

Trust and the designer-client relationship

Trust is the essential component to making great creative work. Here, designer and co-founder of Wolff Olins, Michael Wolff, examines its role in our personal and work lives, in brands, and in how we use design to shape the world we want to live in

How to create a logo that lasts

Logos today need to successfully work in more places than ever before, and in a multitude of formats and sizes. Here, Sagi Haviv, partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv in New York, breaks down how to make a mark that endures

Creative, designer or influencer?

The lines between being a creative and an influencer are increasingly blurring, as generations of designers and artists come of age on social media. Here we talk to social media filmmaker Kevin Parry about how he grapples with being both

Trends of 2021: The year in film and TV

After productions ground to a halt in the wake of the pandemic, the cinema attempted a comeback this year. Meanwhile, streaming platforms served up a glut of bingeworthy series to ensure that we all remained glued to our tellies

Trends of 2021: The year in photos

In 2021, we saw the photography industry attempt to adjust to a changing world, with the cautious reopening of exhibitions for the first time since the pandemic, and the continuing embrace of new voices. Here, Diane Smyth looks back on a complex year

Trends of 2021: The year in tech

If 2020 was defined by time spent indoors, in 2021 we were asked to expand our horizons outwards – virtually. We look back at how NFTs and the metaverse took root in culture, how brands got in on the virtual act, and the ways in which creators addressed responsibility in tech