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Untypical Girls

Untypical Girls traces the history of women in punk and indie music, and features rare and brilliant documentary photography of bands stretching from 1977 to 1993. We talk to the book’s author, Sam Knee, about his love of this era of music and why it is important to remember the women of the scene.

Do long copy ads still work?

Print and poster campaigns featuring long copy, such as this recent work for Smart EnergyGB, are still revered by many in the ad industry. But do they work for actual punters?

The architecture of affection

The exhibition Making Wellbeing: from birth to death highlights work by architects and designers that creates richer kinds of social engagement possibilities. The architecture of affection is about drawing on the power that comes from the design of materials, people and spaces

The Art of the Wu-Tang Clan

CR talks to RZA and Mathematics of legendary hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan about its logo design, album artwork and fashion lines, as well as the controversial art ‘experiment’, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin  “Mathematics designed the logo and somebody said, ‘it looks like a bird’. And somebody else said, ‘yeah, it’s like an […]

Have you seen our building?

Huge depots and distribution centres are an inevitable part of our non-stop consumer culture, but one way of lessening their impact on the landscape is to make them look more like it. Hence the new breed of superstructures trying very hard to disappear

Mute Records

The design of Mute Records

A new book by Terry Burrows on the history of record label Mute reveals how its sleeve design has been led by its artists from the start. Below is an extract from the book on the label’s early design.