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Analysis of significant creative projects, people and trends

Inside the fantastical world of Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is ripping up the music rulebook with his rap-country-pop sound, gender-bending style and eye-catching creative output. As he releases his debut album, we look at how the artist brings his unique vision to life

Exposure: Chance DeVille

In this edition of Exposure, where art director Gem Fletcher profiles new and exciting photographic talent, she explores the work of young American photographer Chance DeVille, whose image-making uses the camera as a tool to describe and process personal trauma

Is there room for ethics in design?

The devil on the ad industry’s shoulder might still say that fast fashion and oil companies aren’t so bad, but some design studios are taking an ethical stand. But can ‘good’ clients and big business can ever live in harmony?

Zoe Scaman on the rise of the fandom

Once little more than the purveyors of slash fiction and frenzied online chat, the fandom has become a creative force. Brand strategist Zoe Scaman discusses how the evolving role of the fan is changing the way brands operate

The power of persuasion

We speak to the creatives behind successful political campaigns for the UK’s Conservative party and US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about the role of design and creativity in the battle for voters

Creativity for change!

In the fight to gain attention for charities and grassroots causes, design and creative thinking is more important than ever. Here, we look at how creativity can engage people in causes and galvanise wider audiences

Are brands the new religion?

Brands with big or cult-like followings have both power and community. Creative Review speaks to three brand experts about how they cultivate followers and maintain their flock

Why CX is the next creative frontier

Uncommon London explains why it’s invested in a new customer experience team, and outlines its plans for bringing some much-needed delight – and maybe even a bit of friction – back to the world of CX

Rebranding faith

As religious and spiritual organisations turn to design and branding to reach wider audiences, we examine what these new trends suggest about the role of faith in society and culture

Nadine Ijewere: A fresh perspective

Nadine Ijewere’s debut monograph, Our Own Selves, upends long-held notions of beauty. Here, the photographer talks about redressing fashion industry stereotypes and her own journey with self-belief

The rise of anti design

A corner of the design world is retaliating against minimalism with an eccentric visual language evoking the early days of the internet. We talk to creative technologist Rifke Sadleir and design duo TeYosh about challenging tastes and throwing out the rulebook

How designers make food brands delicious

Whether it’s the battle of plant-based brands or the move to online shopping, designers have more opportunities than ever to tickle people’s tastebuds. We spoke with studios Robot Food and This Way Up about what it takes to create a successful food brand

How to handle a PR disaster

Persuasion Communications founder Jane Austin discusses what it takes to recover from a PR crisis – and how brands can avoid bumbling into one in the first place

Illustration of a person being pulled in different directions

How much does our education define our tastes?

We are often instructed in what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ taste in our formative years. Here we talk to two educators about how much their own taste frames what they share and how to help art and design students balance experimentation and industry trends

The trouble with packaging

In the wake of a dire new report from the IPCC emphasising the human impact on the planet, CR delves into the complexities of sustainable packaging design