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Why brands need to converse, not just tell

In an extract from a new book by Turner Duckworth and Gyles Lingwood, published by Phaidon, creative strategist Daniel D’Arcy argues why brands need to build a reciprocal relationship with their audience, rather than a linear one

Can Surreal shake up the world of cereal?

Healthy cereal startup Surreal is using playful design and an irreverent tone of voice to cut through in a crowded category. But the debate around its latest campaign is a stark reminder why brands need to put authenticity first


The digital doppelgänger dilemma

AI is already changing our relationships with celebrities, as several stars endorse its potential. The question is, should you get on board, and if you don’t, will you be left behind?

How typography is evolving across Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian Types delves into the work of designers across the region and the circumstances shaping different scenes. We hear from Januar Rianto and Aditya Wiraatmaja, who worked on the zine, about the past, present and future of typography in Southeast Asia

Why B2B branding is no longer fit for purpose

As the boundaries between our work and personal lives become increasingly blurred, it’s time to ditch outdated marketing terms and create business-to-people brands that build deeper connections, says Nalla CEO Vicki Young

Installation based on coral reefs by Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol on scaling new heights

Media artist Refik Anadol has displayed his mammoth AI-generated pieces on some of the world’s most famous buildings and has work in MoMA New York’s permanent collection. He talks to us about his latest exhibition in London and navigating the endless debates about his work

Alexander Coggin on creating his own queer archive

Known for his characterful, intensely lit photographs, Alexander Coggin talks to us about how branching out into filmmaking prompted him to reevaluate his longest-running body of work: a 15-year collection of images of his partner, where very little is off limits

Why form should follow feeling, not function

AI will give brands the opportunity to create personalised, human-centred experiences for audiences, generating love and loyalty. Here, R/GA UK’s Kyle Wheeler explains how brands can prepare for the next level of customer experience

Label-less packaging: gimmick or effective?

In a move towards sustainability, Sprite recently announced it would remove labels from its bottles in a UK trial. CR speaks to a handful of experts about the risk to brand recognition, and whether these initiatives actually make a difference or whether it’s just a good bit of PR

Embrace the blur_Wolff Olins_Creative Review

Why we need to embrace the blur

Unpredictable times can create a desire for control and order, but this results in blandness when it comes to design and advertising, says Wolff Olins’ Wayne Deakin. Instead we need to engage with the chaos

Graphic inspired by a vinyl record created for Monotype trends 2024

How nostalgia will drive typography in 2024

In the year ahead, we’ll be seeing more typefaces born out of looking back, according to Monotype’s 2024 Type Trends Report. We speak to two of the report’s contributors about how designers are reflecting present anxieties and pining for the past via typography

Why brands need to look at masculinity differently

BBD Perfect Storm’s ‘specialist male division’ New Macho is devoted to looking at new ways of presenting the male experience in advertising and marketing. We talk to ECD Seb Hill about how far we’ve come and what brands can do better

Designing reverent spaces in a tech driven future

Our reliance on personal tech means an increasingly irreverent, digital public life. But how can technology help aid us to design reverent spaces for meditation and remembrance? Jonathan Cohen, director of technology at experience design studio G&A, offers some ideas

The rise of fake advertising

With faux OOH campaigns taking over last year, we speak to video artist Ian Padgham (aka Origiful) and TBWA\Belgium’s Henri Wuyts to understand why we’re happy to be duped and what the future of faux ads looks like

Advertising’s Double Standards

The Advertising Standards Authority has received criticism after banning a cancer charity advert and a Calvin Klein poster ad starring FKA twigs. Despite all the claims of body positivity and female empowerment in recent years, is the ad industry more prudish than it lets on?