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The losses and gains of WFH

As lockdown begins to slowly lift, companies are considering how our working life will adapt. Here, James Britton, group managing director at Stink Studios in London, examines how our enforced WFH period may create permanent change, and what might be lost along the way

The chatbots are coming

CR investigates what it takes to create a good chatbot, and why they could become an essential part of brand comms in our current culture of immediacy

Designing for a transport future

Recent rebrands from VW, BMW, Nissan and Uber have at times proved controversial, but they reflect the flexibility required by a transport sector that’s in serious flux, says Wolff Olins’ Forest Young

How coronavirus is redefining the magazine cover

From frontline workers turned cover stars to messages of hope, the pandemic has forced publications to rethink their covers in creative new ways. We speak to magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie and the Telegraph’s Kuchar Swara about the role of magazines in our current crisis

How I Got Here: Fraser Muggeridge

Graphic designer Fraser Muggeridge tells CR why he’s not afraid to make wonky type, and how he went from a logo-loving teen to campaigning against ‘café normal’ design

What we can learn from New Zealand’s Covid-19 messaging

New Zealand has been leading the way in the fight against coronavirus with its simple but powerful communications strategy, which focuses on bringing its people together. We look at how it got the rhetoric so right, and whether countries like the UK should be following its example

The role of museums during the pandemic

One way that museums have been acknowledging the monumental impact of Covid-19 is through collecting the creative work that’s been made during this time. CR speaks to the institutions making it happen

How will coronavirus change events?

With the pandemic making large gatherings impossible, brands, festivals and cultural institutions have been planning online alternatives. We explore how creatives and organisers are responding to the crisis, and whether it could inspire new kinds of digital experiences

Why mentoring can be a vital tool right now

We speak to the people behind three mentoring schemes about why it is valuable for both emerging and senior creatives, how to get the most out of taking part, and why there’s never been a better time than now to give it a go

The legacy of the Golden Arches

As McDonald’s turns 80, Craig Burston, senior lecturer in graphic and media design at UAL’s London College of Communication, considers the impact of the brand’s iconic arches

How Joe Wicks became the nation’s PE teacher

Joe Wicks has inspired millions of people to keep active during lockdowns with his live workout videos. We talk to Nikki Wicks, Head of Content at The Body Coach, and Koto, the studio behind its branding, about creating PE With Joe

How nostalgia became the new normal in TV

Whether we’re rewatching endless episodes of Friends or binging retro-inspired series like Stranger Things, revisiting the past is clearly playing a huge role in our viewing habits – but why? CR dissects television’s obsession with the nostalgia effect

Trying to demystify memes? Don’t.

Brands may long for the success achieved on social by memes. But while they can learn from their magic, trying to replicate them is a step too far, says Ayoade Zahrah Bamgboye, strategic planner at Grey London

How I Got Here: Ellen Lupton

The writer, curator and designer tells CR why we should all care about typography, why design thinking is so important right now, and what it’s like to be the author of over 20 books

Accidental Type Tales

Look at Instagram and you’ll discover a growing interest by designers in unique typefaces, which have been changed or created by time or the weather. Mark Sinclair investigates the trend for CR

How Covid-19 prompted a return of the poster

Creatives around the world have been producing posters in response to the Covid-19 crisis. We take a look at some innovative examples from Leeds, New York and Amsterdam, and explore how posters became an important tool for sharing information and lifting people’s spirits

Ben Kay on why context matters

With so many options for where your ad might sit today, it can be hard to predict the context of how the audience will see it. But, as Ben Kay points out, this info can be vital for how you make it

In praise of judging

As coronavirus wreaks havoc with this year’s creative award shows, D&AD CEO Patrick Burgoyne reflects on why judging matters, if done well

Perry Nightingale on the unknown

In our digital world, it is unusual to find ourselves in unknown territory. Yet, as proven recently, our systems don’t always have all the answers. Which can be a good thing, says WPP’s creative AI lead Perry Nightingale