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How Hay built a cult home brand

Mette and Rolf Hay have spent the last two decades elevating everyday objects. Here, the husband-and-wife founders discuss how Hay continually pushes boundaries while sticking to its democratic design values

The Monthly Interview: Glenn Kitson

In the first of a new interview series, Anna Higgs talks to Glenn Kitson about combining a career as an ad director with being a ‘meme lord’, and his strategies to stay centred and fresh in a world which can often just want more of the same

Image shows the text-based design on the cover of the book On NFTs by Robert Alice, and a metal hard-case, on a bright blue background. The spread features

What happened to NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens experienced a gold rush a couple of years ago, before mainstream interest waned and the market went into decline. Artist Robert Alice, who has edited an extensive new book on NFTs, talks to us about one of the most elusive, and divisive, web3 developments

How brand experiences can grow connections

Content designer Rosie Wanek, who recently worked on the Home of Carlsberg experience, talks about the value of brand experiences and the elements needed to make them successful, plus how they’ve shifted focus over the years

Opening Line

Why brand language matters

Opening Line founder Zosia Swidlicka discusses why the world of brand language remains so misunderstood, and how it inspired her to create her new publication Between the Lines

Graphic showing the user interface of map making tool Felt

Mapping out the future

From NASA apps to city planning, Sam Hashemi has a track record of transforming dated systems and esoteric processes with design. His latest target is map-making, which he’s bringing into the modern age with a collaborative tool called Felt

AI Iain Tait

Laughing with AI

AI is addictive fun for creatives, but without having a seat in the boardroom of its development they risk being exploited by it. Here’s why we need to start reading the T&Cs, says Food co-founder Iain Tait

Is cursive type coming back?

Phil Garnham, executive creative director at Monotype, discusses the beauty of cursive type, the connotations these fonts have, and how technology is being used to make them more contemporary

The rise of Gen Alpha

Watch out Gen Z, there’s a new generation in town, with a whole new set of expectations of how the world should be. Here’s a snapshot of what brands need to think about to get ahead

What’s in a name?

As a series of mergers have seen the demise of once-cherished names from agency and studio doors, we ask what legacy means in the industry today

Why brands need to converse, not just tell

In an extract from a new book by Turner Duckworth and Gyles Lingwood, published by Phaidon, creative strategist Daniel D’Arcy argues why brands need to build a reciprocal relationship with their audience, rather than a linear one

Can Surreal shake up the world of cereal?

Healthy cereal startup Surreal is using playful design and an irreverent tone of voice to cut through in a crowded category. But the debate around its latest campaign is a stark reminder why brands need to put authenticity first


The digital doppelgänger dilemma

AI is already changing our relationships with celebrities, as several stars endorse its potential. The question is, should you get on board, and if you don’t, will you be left behind?