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Top Gun Maverick Image

The creative potential of 3D billboards

The humble billboard is evolving as creative uses of 3D imagery are being used to sell everything from movies to video games to sneakers. Here, Alex Wilson, ECD at brand experience agency Amplify, examines what they offer for brands

Photograph of green, yellow and red peppers

The apps fighting food waste

In the face of both climate and financial crises, we look at how companies are harnessing technology to reduce the staggering amount of food that gets thrown away, and whether tech alone is the answer

Exposure: Paul Guilmoth

Paul Guilmoth’s photography draws on their work as a carer for the elderly, but instead of producing documentary images, Guilmoth sees their work as an escape and an opportunity to build new worlds

Does ASMR translate to public spaces?

A new exhibition at London’s Design Museum brings the internet phenomenon into a physical setting. We look at how effective it is, how the pandemic changes the proposition and what brands stand to gain

Channel 4 ident still

Why the creative industry needs Channel 4

With the UK Government planning to privatise the 40-year-old broadcaster, CR speaks to current and former C4 employees about what makes it special, and the unique role it’s played in pioneering creativity

Gen Z finance Keebo

The changing face of finance brands

A raft of new personal finance brands are on a mission to win over Gen Z consumers. We examine how they are setting themselves apart from the millennial-friendly approach of more established challengers

What Charles and Ray Eames can teach designers today

Charles & Ray Eames didn’t just create iconic pieces of design – they thought of themselves as ‘tradesmen’ whose job was to create better, longer-lasting products. Llisa Demetrios, Eames Institute chief curator and granddaughter of the pair, discusses what we can learn from them

It's a Sin set design

How set design can make or break a story

Luana Hanson, the award-winning film and TV production designer behind Channel 4’s It’s A Sin, reveals how to build sets that will effortlessly take you to a specific time and place – and how simple missteps can rip viewers out of the world you’ve built

For the Record The Photographer's Gallery Miles Davis

What makes an album cover iconic?

A new show at the Photographers’ Gallery in London examines the historic role imagemakers have played in helping build musicians’ brands. We explore why this relationship is more vital than ever in the streaming age

Zoom, Zoomd, Xoom, Zoomi etc

What makes a truly great brand name?

US branding veteran Ken Carbone examines the challenges of naming at a time when the battle for originality is tougher than ever, and laments the birth of a new breed of brand language ‘doublespeak’