Creative Insight

Analysis of significant creative projects, people and trends

The changing face of ecommerce

The pandemic has thrown the need for a strong ecommerce platform into sharp relief. We explore the balance between creativity and practicality, and what’s next for the field

A look inside in-app advertising

With audiences increasingly turning to their phones and tablets for entertainment in lockdown, in-app advertising is booming. Yet it is often creatively uninspiring and annoying – why? Emily Gosling investigates

How Calm created a billion dollar wellness app

Apps have gone from digital curiosities to big business, and the market has never been more competitive. Calm creative director Andrew Schapiro tells CR how great design, user feedback and a sprinkling of ‘whimsy’ is key to the company’s success

The future of virtual influencers

We speak to the creatives behind Gen Z icon Lil Miquela and the first virtual influencer to age over time, Sylvia, about the process of bringing them to life – and why the virtual influencer industry needs a rethink

DIA on turning typography on its head

Meg Donohoe and Mitch Paone, co-founders of the influential design company DIA, talk about why process should come before aesthetics and how using motion design in their work felt radical at the beginning

The history of the open plan office

From its surprisingly radical roots to its role post-pandemic, Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler – assistant professor of design history at Purdue University – talks CR through the legacy of the open plan office

Is creative education falling behind?

The government has been clear about the importance of the creative industries to the economy, but if it wants to support them, it needs to rethink the increasing lack of support for studying creative subjects, says Kingston University vice-chancellor Steven Spier

Inside the design boom at ad agencies

We talk to Wieden + Kennedy Portland, Droga5 London and Mother Design about bringing together design and advertising work under one roof, and the perception of design work produced at ad agencies

Sam Pilling on his cinematic approach to directing

Sam Pilling has crafted brilliant music videos and ads for everyone from DJ Shadow to Ikea. Here, the director discusses the importance of grabbing any opportunity that comes your way when you’re starting out and the beauty of a creative brief based on a single idea

The evolution of street art

While art shown indoors may have temporarily lost its audience to the pandemic, street art is on the rise. Here, Hazel Davis reflects on how the medium is growing ever more part of the art establishment, yet can still be used as a force for change

Specsavers and the in-house life

One of the major creative shifts in recent years has been the rise of the in-house agency. Here, Nicola Wardell, MD of The Agency at Specsavers, talks about the challenges and rewards of in-house life