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How arts and crafts bring the Good Life

Lockdown has prompted a renewed interest in craft skills. Here, Hazel Davis talks to Charlie Gladstone, founder of the crafts and music festival the Good Life Experience, about the importance of creativity and why an interest in crafts should live beyond Covid

Observations of a portfolio reviewer

After a turbulent year, many creatives are in the process of refreshing their portfolios. But where to start? Here, Clare McNally of McNally Unlimited shares what she has learned from the many, many portfolio reviews she has done online

What defines studio culture now?

The hotly anticipated follow-up to Unit Editions’ 2009 book, Studio Culture, features insights from the likes of OK-RM and Peepshow about how to start, run and evolve a design studio today

What next for the craft aesthetic?

A surge in craft beer and gin companies has popularised a certain kind of quirky design approach, but has the trend run its course, and what does the idea of ‘craft’ mean to drinks brands today?

Ben & Jerry’s: Peace, love and ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s global social mission officer Dave Rapaport talks to Anna Burzlaff, head of cultural insights and strategy agency Truth, about the brand’s approach to activism, and what it takes to make credible change in the world today

Can creativity save restaurants from Covid-19?

Hospitality has been hit hard by the pandemic, but in the midst of increased restrictions restaurateurs are finding creative ways to reach hungry punters at home. Here, we delve into how restaurant brands are adapting to the new normal

How to build a food brand

From raising funding on Kickstarter to putting “a bit of disco” into the branding, Future Noodles founder Carl Clarke and Otherway’s Jono Holt take CR through the highs and lows of building a food brand

Louise Hagger on food photography and storytelling

From her tasteful shots for the Guardian to her irreverent experiments in image-making, Louise Hagger’s food photography is underpinned by memory and emotion. She talks to us about connecting through recipes, secrets of the trade and how Instagram has impacted her practice

Is the future of retail weird?

Shops in the heart of the desert and stores where you make your own bag could point the way forward for retail, which is becoming less about luxury and theatre and more about memorable experiences

How I Got Here: Brian Rea

Modern Love illustrator Brian Rea recounts a childhood filled with stories, shares the struggles of embracing his style and tells CR why words have gained a new importance for him later in his career

B Corp: Good for business?

As the B Corporation movement grows, we look at why brands and agencies might engage with the process beyond the obvious social and environmental benefits – and whether others will be left behind if they don’t follow suit

Introducing director duo The Coyle-Larner Brothers

Ben Coyle-Larner – better known by his musical moniker Loyle Carner – is branching out from rapping to directing with his brother Ryan. Here, the duo discuss their mission to tell stories with humanity at their heart and why working with family cuts out the bullshit

How I Got Here: Forest Young

Wolff Olins’ first global chief creative officer discusses his circuitous path to creativity, and why he believes failure is the secret ingredient for success

Irvine Welsh on creativity and cancel culture

The author explores the rise of cancel culture in new documentary Offended by Irvine Welsh, where he discusses the threat that the phenomenon poses to the creative industries and why he thinks Trainspotting wouldn’t be published today

Is the future of TV & film interactive?

While interactive TV shows have been talked about for years, limited examples have actually made it to the screen, in part due to the complexity of creating them. But a new software tool,, signals how this might get a whole lot simpler

Life through an iPhone lens

Ghanaian visual artist Prince Gyasi creates striking, vivid imagery photographed with an iPhone. CR talks to him about his unconventional practice and how it helps local children get an education