Creative Leadership

Practical advice on the challenges of running a creative team


How Squarespace found its edge

Squarespace has taken the fusty world of website builders and found an opportunity for imagination and entertainment. CCO David Lee talks to us about how the brand manages to draw blockbuster talent and why it’s starting to direct ads in-house

Faces of Travel campaign for Delta, 2023. Photos by Seo Ju

Meet Kin: The change makers

Creative agency Kin works with its clients to harness creativity to drive meaningful change. Here, the founders reflect on new ways of collaborating, with both clients and creatives

Identifying the talent of tomorrow

As a talent scout, gallery owner, and creative director of media brand Nataal, Marie Gomis-Trezise has been responsible for separating the good from the great. She talks to us about putting her faith in emerging talent

Image shows a CGI lion with green eyes looming over a person created by Creature London

How to sell your agency

The ad agency Creature London was recently acquired by Dutch group Candid. Here, CEO Dan Cullen-Shute gives a frank, funny and insightful account of what the team at the agency learned during the process