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Practical advice on the challenges of running a creative team


The women of AKQA New York

To mark International Women’s Day, digital agency AKQA New York asked its female staff to reflect on how they got where they are, the hurdles they faced along the way and what changes they would like to see in future. Here are some of their stories

Trust in crisis: the challenge for creative leaders

Even before the impact of #MeToo, trust in organisations was plummeting around the world. Restoring that trust, and creating an environment where all employees feel comfortable in raising problems begins with leaders, says Tanya Livesey, Leadership Coach and Global Head of Creative Talent at The Talent Business

How creating a vision board can help achieve your goals

As part of our January new year, new you, author and course leader Claire Bridges, shares a taster of the content from our new six-part online course Mastering Creativity with inspiration and practical tools to make 2018 your best creative year yet. In this second article in the series Bridges invites you to roll your sleeves up, grab the spray mount and a stack of magazines to get stuck in to create a vision board.