Creative Leadership

Practical advice on the challenges of running a creative team


The tragedy of Mac death

Creating a poster has proved the undoing of our design correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray’s computer – here, he offers some sage words of advice to help others avoid a similar calamity

The Design Council vs climate change

At a conference to be held during COP26, the Design Council hopes to unite the design industry around a climate action plan. Patrick Burgoyne talks to chief design officer Cat Drew about its mission

The battle for self-belief

Working in the creative industries inevitably involves rejection and doubt. But those are also the elements that can lead to greatness, writes Richard Holman

Why culture matters, now more than ever

The culture of your agency or studio stretches far beyond fancy decor, ping pong tables or DJs in the foyer, says leadership coach and Global MD, Creative at The Talent Business, Tanya Livesey. And it can prove vital in how businesses navigate the difficult times we are in

Creative leaders on… confidence

There’s few among us that haven’t experienced feelings of insecurity, especially when it comes to our own work. So how do you deal with a crisis in confidence? Designer Aries Moross, Director Max Siedentopf and former head of 4Creative Alice Tonge share their thoughts

Why creative leaders must accept fear

With change now a permanent in business, it is vital that those leading creative teams can cope with the fear that accompanies it. Here Leadership Coach Tanya Livesey offers some advice for living with uncertainty and chaos

Why rituals and routine matter for creativity

Creativity is often viewed as something that exists beyond the structures we apply to other aspects of our lives, yet here Leadership Coach Tanya Livesey argues that introducing routine into your creative process may be surprisingly fruitful

Why assertiveness really matters

Leadership Coach Tanya Livesey on the difference between assertiveness and aggression. How can you effectively make yourself heard, without rubbing people the wrong way, in an industry full of opinions?

Creative leaders on free pitching

It’s one of the most contentious practices in the creative industries, yet is still widely accepted as the norm. Malcolm Garrett, Creature’s Stu Outhwaite-Noel and ustwo Design Director Helen Fuchs pitch in on the pitching debate