Creative Process

Insights and back stories on the making of creative work

50th Anniversary of Pride 50p with original artwork

Behind the scenes at the Royal Mint

The designers at the Royal Mint have recently made special edition coins to celebrate everything from the Platinum Jubilee to Pride to the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. Hazel Davis talks to them about how they are made

Red and black book cover for Vagabonds by artist and writer Eloghosa Osunde

Eloghosa Osunde on drifting between language and art

The artist and writer has released her debut novel Vagabonds! which traces the lives of marginalised Lagosians. She talks to us about the interplay between writing and visuals, the art that fed into the novel, and the task of creating her own book cover

Campbell Addy 7

Campbell Addy’s journey to Feeling Seen

In just six years, photographer Campbell Addy has carved a distinctive place within the fashion industry. Here he talks to Gem Fletcher about his new book Feeling Seen and the importance of friendship, community and intimacy in his work

Exposure: Glamour Shot

Korean duo Glamour Shot deliver “people’s dreams” via fantastical images that subvert the 90s glamour photo genre. They’re now bringing their look to advertising, via work for brands including Reebok and Kara

Stu Royall Tits Boobies Loons Cover

Tits, Twitching and Tweeting

Every now and then a truly viral phenomenon comes along: here, Daniel Benneworth-Gray talks to advertising creative Stu Royall about how he turned a joke on Twitter into a book

Turning Red Pixar

The making of Pixar’s Turning Red

Domee Shi’s debut feature is a joyous celebration of Chinese culture. Here, illustrator Stanley Chow chats with her about growing up as a child of immigrants and the importance of telling diverse stories on-screen

Inside The Matrix Resurrections

As the mind-bending world of the Matrix returns to the big screen, we speak to the team behind the latest film’s screen-based graphics about helping reboot the cult classic for a new era

Building the visual world of Adele

Following the release of Adele’s latest album, creative director and long-time collaborator Phil Lee discusses what it’s like to help create a brand for one of the world’s biggest artists

An Oral History of John Lewis’ The Long Wait

It was the Christmas ad that launched a thousand Christmas ads, and established John Lewis’s festive branding tropes for a decade to come. Director Dougal Wilson and adam&eveDDB co-founder Ben Priest remember how The Long Wait was made

Inside the surreal and tender world of Raman Djafari

The animation director has created striking visuals and characters for everyone from Elton John and Dua Lipa to Adult Swim. He talks to us about making the transition from illustration to 3D animation and why people shouldn’t so quick to just label his work ‘trippy’