Creative Process

Looking at how work gets made & what gets in the way

How I Write: Simon Stephens

The Olivier Award-winning playwright shares his thoughts on the writing process – including why it’s important to sit on ideas, sometimes for years at a time, and how the ‘boring’ work can be key

How I Write: Vikki Ross

The copywriter behind Sky, ITV and Paperchase shares some of the secrets of her craft, from not being scared of being nosy to pushing brands to be more than “warm, friendly and cosy”

How I Work: Artist & Food Historian Tasha Marks

Tasha Marks has created ornate edible sculptures and scented installations for the Barbican, the V&A and the Wellcome Collection. We talk to her about using food as an artistic medium and bringing a sense of fun and spectacle to museums

Behind the scenes at Pokémon

Mitsuhiro Arita first began illustrating for Pokémon over two decades ago. He talks to Diane Smyth about his part in helping to create the look and feel of the Pokémon world and why the company still favours a hand-drawn aesthetic

Exposure: Sophie Stafford

Photographer Sophie Stafford speaks to Art Director Gem Fletcher about traveling the world, from Palestine to Seoul, to uncover hidden stories of obscure communities 

Fredrik Tjaerandsen’s fantastical fashion

Fredrik Tjaerandsen’s degree show collection was an Instagram sensation, with balloon-like inflatable garments that combined fashion and performance. We talk to the designer about his work and what he plans to do next

Behind the scenes at Tate Modern

As Tate Modern prepares to open its epic Olafur Eliasson exhibition next week, we talk to curator Mark Godfrey about creating a show that reflects the artist’s wide-ranging preoccupations, from climate change to sustainable food

How I work: Nora Krug

Fresh from winning Illustrator of the Year at the 2019 V&A Illustration Awards, Nora Krug discusses her ‘documentarian’ approach to writing books, and how she pieces illustrations together like sculptures

Designing Glastonbury’s Shangri-La

With its mix of music, art and activism, Shangri-La has gained a reputation as Glastonbury’s most subversive and experimental venue. We talk to Creative Director Kaye Dunnings about creating the festival space

Creating the weird and wonderful world of Good Omens

Neil Gaiman’s TV adaption of the apocalyptic novel he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett boasts an all-star cast including David Tennant and Michael Sheen – but its delightfully kitsch visual effects are the real star of the show. We speak to VFX studio Milk about bringing them to life

teamLab on crafting fantastical digital worlds

The art collective equate themselves to a group of scientists carrying out an experiment. Here, they explain how they bring their interactive artworks to life, and why digital art can bring people together in a way that traditional art often can’t

How I Work: Bunny Christie

Bunny Christie has won numerous awards for her spectacular set and costume designs. Here she talks to CR about creating dream worlds, building sets in miniature and the challenges of working on theatrical productions

The wonderful work of Elliot Dear

Elliot Dear has created brilliantly crafted ads and music videos for Jon Hopkins, John Lewis and the BBC. We talk to the director about his route into filmmaking, coming up with ideas and creating animated worlds

The Daily Splice on forging a career in collage

Adam Hale’s Instagram account, The Daily Splice, started out as a creative side project. He now has over 250,000 followers and has landed commissions for Apple, Adidas and Mulberry. We talk to Hale about his process and switching email marketing for paper and scissors

How I Work: Wong Ping

Artist Wong Ping tells CR why he likens his creative process to that of a standup comedian, and how internet culture has influenced his animation work

Hattie Newman on building paper worlds by hand

The paper artist’s dedication to her work – often spending weeks on a single project – has led to commissions by everyone from Google to the Guardian. She discusses why both creatives and their clients shouldn’t compromise on craft

How I Work: Jenn Nkiru

The filmmaker has come a long way from the summer scheme in Peckham that kickstarted her career. She tells CR about her role as a creative anthropologist, and why she makes cinema, not film