Creative Process

Looking at how work gets made & what gets in the way

Designing ITV Daytime

Branding and design has played an important role in defining ITV’s hugely popular daytime programming. We talk to Fiona Skinner, who heads the in-house graphics team at ITV Daytime, about designing for Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women

BBC World Cup

How the BBC World Cup film was made

To promote its coverage of the forthcoming football World Cup, the BBC has made an animated trailer created entirely in embroidery. We talk to BBC Creative and director Nicos Livesey about how it was made.

The most difficult shoot I ever art directed

For our Photo Week series here on CR, we asked art director Paul Belford to write about the most memorable photo shoot he was ever involved with. It involves The Economist, a photo-finish camera and a box of live rats

How I Work: Ross Middleham, Met Office

Ross Middleham is a content lead at the Met Office, the UK’s national weather service. We talk to him about making weather exciting on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, and how nowadays the Met Office rarely gets it wrong.

Jon Hopkins

The art of Jon Hopkins

As Jon Hopkins’ new album Singularity is released, we talk to the electronic musician about his videos, concert visuals and how Sex & The City changed his life.

Dominic Wilcox on his whimsical inventions

Dominic Wilcox takes everyday objects and actions into the realm of the unusual, with results as varied as a Stained Glass Car to an art exhibition for dogs. He’s now helping kids to realise their own inventive ideas

Stephen Collins on making funny cartoons

As a keen-eyed observer of modern life, Stephen Collins produces some of the funniest cartoons around. He tells us about his working process, where he gets his ideas from – and reveals just what goes on at the ‘Whimsy Mine’, via a brand new comic drawn specially for Creative Review.

Asterix and the new translator

The adventures of Asterix the Gaul have been amusing British readers since 1969, thanks to the brilliant translations of Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge. Last year, Adriana Hunter took over the job of converting the jokes, puns and celebrated character names into English. We talk to her about what the process involves