Creative Process

Looking at how work gets made & what gets in the way

Mark Ronson on creativity and collaboration

One of pop’s biggest hit-makers, Mark Ronson is the brains behind everything from Amy Winehouse’s classic cover of Valerie to monster hit Uptown Funk. Here, he discusses the joy of working with other creatives, and why he got a tattoo of his latest album artwork

Creating Joker’s Gotham

As Batman’s arch-enemy Joker steals the limelight with his own origin film, CR speaks to Production Designer Mark Friedberg about reimagining one of the comic world’s most recognisable cityscapes

How to make a movie monster

What does it take to really scare people? Two creature designers tell Emma Tucker how they tap into deep fears and the dark spots of human psychology to make convincing movie monsters

What it was like to make Free Solo

Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi won an Oscar for Free Solo, their hair-raising documentary tracing rock climber Alex Honnold’s mission to climb El Capitan rope-free. They discuss what it’s like putting your life at risk for your job

AJ Dungo on creativity and grief

After losing his partner of eight years, writer and artist AJ Dungo published his first graphic novel, In Waves. He speaks with CR about how it’s given him a new understanding of creativity as a way of processing fear, memory and emotion

Inside Tim Walker’s world

As a major retrospective of Tim Walker’s work comes to the V&A in London, Gem Fletcher examines what lies behind his fantastical photographs and explores the challenges – and fears – he has to confront to bring them to life

An oral history of the Apple logo

Apple’s logo burst onto the scene in 1977, instantly standing out from its drab competitors. Its creator Rob Janoff explains the design’s links with counterculture, why the money men hated the logo, and what it was like working with Steve Jobs

How Kyra is rewriting the rules of video

Pitching itself as a TV network for Gen Z, Kyra is the brains behind fashion-focused YouTube shows PAQ and NAYVA. We talk to Creative Director Kaio Grizzelle about writing for real-life content, and finding inspiration everywhere from haute couture to Geordie Shore

How I Write: Steven Knight

The screenwriter is best known for his cult series Peaky Blinders, based on the notorious gang that ran Birmingham when his parents were growing up. As Peaky fans prepare themselves for season five, he tells CR why real-life stories are his biggest source of inspiration

How I Write: Simon Stephens

The Olivier Award-winning playwright shares his thoughts on the writing process – including why it’s important to sit on ideas, sometimes for years at a time, and how the ‘boring’ work can be key

How I Write: Vikki Ross

The copywriter behind Sky, ITV and Paperchase shares some of the secrets of her craft, from not being scared of being nosy to pushing brands to be more than “warm, friendly and cosy”

How I Work: Artist & Food Historian Tasha Marks

Tasha Marks has created ornate edible sculptures and scented installations for the Barbican, the V&A and the Wellcome Collection. We talk to her about using food as an artistic medium and bringing a sense of fun and spectacle to museums

Behind the scenes at Pokémon

Mitsuhiro Arita first began illustrating for Pokémon over two decades ago. He talks to Diane Smyth about his part in helping to create the look and feel of the Pokémon world and why the company still favours a hand-drawn aesthetic