Creative Process

Insights and back stories on the making of creative work

Erinn Springer

Exposure: Erinn Springer

After years in New York, Erinn Springer’s return to her Midwest roots sparked a new and highly productive phase in her photography. Here, Gem Fletcher talks to her about her process

How the V&A is facing the future

As the V&A expands into a wider ‘family’ of venues in the UK, including new sites Young V&A and the forthcoming V&A East, the brand requires a flexible identity that is consistent yet allows its different elements the chance to shine

Inside Wolff Olins’ new branding

For designers, taking on the branding of their own company is a complicated task. Here, Wayne Deakin, global creative principal at Wolff Olins, explains how they addressed the challenge

Black and white image of the album artwork for Playing Robots Into Heaven by James Blake, showing the musician wearing a large tannoy like device on his back surrounded by other people forming a queue as they walk up a hill that slopes diagonally across the bottom third of the image

Inside James Blake’s transcendent album visuals

James Blake’s latest LP, Playing Robots into Heaven, sees him step out of the shadows and into the foreground. We hear from one of his newly installed creative directors, Jamie Adair of Crowns & Owls, about how the album creative reflects this juncture in Blake’s career

Exposure: Yael Malka

Identity and community are at the heart of Yael Malka’s photography work, which explores life in New York via both personal and editorial projects

Exposure: Owen McCarter

In his series Three Eyed Fish, the US photographer examines the impact of industrial waste on his hometown via imagery that is unexpected and at times radical

Barbie movie Warner Bros

Building Barbie’s world

As Greta Gerwig’s much-hyped Barbie movie finally arrives, we speak to the behind-the-scenes creative team about how they created a world rooted in “authentic artificiality”

Photo by Madeleine Penfold of ex footballer and TV presenter Alex Scott wearing tailored trousers, a cropped t-shirt, and heels, while sitting on a perspex chair facing off camera to the left, with flags from around the world draped in the background and along the floor

Photographing the stars of women’s football

As the Women’s World Cup kicks off in Australia and New Zealand, photographer Madeleine Penfold talks to us about how she works with sporting talent, her thoughts on brands, and how she uses negative perceptions as fuel

Young V&A

Inside the Young V&A

Previously known as the Museum of Childhood, the Victoria & Albert Museum’s east London outpost has been transformed into the UK’s first museum designed for children, by children

Graphic shows a Bang & Olufsen digital avatar made out of blue bubble shapes

Bang & Olufsen heads in a vivid new direction

The Danish brand has been developing audio technology for nearly a century, but younger audiences have been slipping away. We speak to creative director Paul Collins about creating a new campaign that brings the heritage brand into the future

Asteroid City Wes Anderson

Inside the offbeat world of Asteroid City

Wes Anderson is back with another stylised masterpiece, this time set against the backdrop of the 1950s space race. We speak to the behind-the-scenes creative team about how they helped bring the film to life

Testo Diary Jesse Glazzard

Exposure: Jesse Glazzard

Photographer Jesse Glazzard has created a large body of commercial and editorial work, as well as his ongoing personal project Testo Diary, where he explores his experiences and relationships as a trans man