Creative Process

Looking at how work gets made & what gets in the way

Reimagining Les Miserables without music

BBC has ditched the singing in its new adaptation of Victor Hugo’s famous novel. We speak to the show’s director Tom Shankland about the benefits of not having seen any previous versions, and making a Les Mis for the austerity era

Designing for The Favourite

The Favourite is hotly-tipped for major awards success. Design fans have an additional reason to love the film – its distinctive typographic ‘chapter openers’. We spoke to their designer Vasilis Marmatakis

How I Work: Konstantinos Dimopoulos

When games studios want to create convincing worlds, they turn to Konstantinos Dimopoulos, who’s designed everything from a sunken city filled with Lovecraftian horror to a cyberpunk capital. Here’s how he brings real-life rules to fantasy environments

How I work: Colourist Jean-Clément Soret

Colourist Jean-Clemént Soret has worked his magic on everything from Black Mirror and 28 Days Later, to the John Lewis Christmas ads. Here he explains why working with colour is like “tuning an instrument”

How I use colour: Alexander Coggin

We speak to photographer Alexander Coggin about his distinct way of using colour, of his search for delightful combinations of shades and the role that coincidence plays in his work

How I use colour: John Walter

John Walter’s art contains a mash up of ideas from science, pop culture and philosophy, all presented using bountiful, exuberant colours. We talk to him about the use of colour in his work: how it influences his process and surprises his audiences

How I use colour: Camille Walala

This week, we’re talking to artists and creatives about how they use colour in their work. Here, Camille Walala explains how her childhood home influenced her distinctive aesthetic and how she selects colours for large-scale commissions

How We Work: Raw Color

As the name suggests, colour is a central focus for Dutch studio Raw Color. CR spoke with founder Christoph Brach to find out how experimenting with vegetable pigments kickstarted a career that spans design, photography and art direction

How We Work: Puppeteers Jonny & Will

Over the last two decades, the duo has crafted everything from flying t-shirts for Ikea to a talking penis for a Home Office campaign about consent. We speak to them about why they work best as a double act, and the enduring appeal of crafts like puppet-making

How I Work: Elizabeth Galbraith, BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food is a culinary behemoth, reaching millions via its online and TV channels, magazine, apps and live events. Here we speak to Acting Creative Director Elizabeth Galbraith about designing in an ever-changing media landscape and how they pick their recipes

A design system for Sainsbury’s

Luna combines both visual guidelines and design solutions for common tasks across Sainsbury’s digital products and services. What are the benefits and challenges of introducing such a design system?

How I Work: Olafur Eliasson

Coinciding with the publication of a major new retrospective, CR sat down with the Icelandic-Danish artist to talk about how he works, his studio, smartphones and the importance of lunch

How I Work: Marc Valli, Laurence King

We speak to the former founder of bookshop Magma about the changing nature of the publishing industry, creating gifts that have content at their core, and why more and more publishers are beginning to take them seriously

Building a voice interface for Headspace

Headspace’s voice apps now have over 1 million subscribers. Speaking at Adobe MAX last week, Head of Product Randhir Vieira explained how the mindfulness brand worked with Rain to bring meditation and sleep exercises to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa