Creative Process

Insights and back stories on the making of creative work

Inside The Matrix Resurrections

As the mind-bending world of the Matrix returns to the big screen, we speak to the team behind the latest film’s screen-based graphics about helping reboot the cult classic for a new era

Building the visual world of Adele

Following the release of Adele’s latest album, creative director and long-time collaborator Phil Lee discusses what it’s like to help create a brand for one of the world’s biggest artists

An Oral History of John Lewis’ The Long Wait

It was the Christmas ad that launched a thousand Christmas ads, and established John Lewis’s festive branding tropes for a decade to come. Director Dougal Wilson and adam&eveDDB co-founder Ben Priest remember how The Long Wait was made

Inside the surreal and tender world of Raman Djafari

The animation director has created striking visuals and characters for everyone from Elton John and Dua Lipa to Adult Swim. He talks to us about making the transition from illustration to 3D animation and why people shouldn’t so quick to just label his work ‘trippy’

The many faces of Samuel Fosso

For nearly five decades, the photographer has experimented with fashion and performance to create resonant self-portraits. Here, he talks about opening a studio aged 13, adopting personas and his fashion industry crossovers with discount chains and luxury brands

Can Inque reinvent the magazine?

Designer Matt Willey and editor Dan Crowe have reunited on Inque, a decade-long collaboration born out of what they love (and hate) about the world of magazines. We speak to the duo about bringing the first issue to life

Inside the epic world of Dune

Denis Villeneuve’s adaption of cult sci-fi novel Dune is a masterclass in world-building. We speak to the film’s production designer Patrice Vermette about helping the director bring his intergalactic vision to life

Inside the French Dispatch

Wes Anderson’s star-studded film follows the dramas that unravel in a fictional French city, told from the perspective of expat journalists. We look at how graphic design and illustration brought the movie to life

The art of creating a James Bond title sequence

Daniel Kleinman has been the creative mind behind almost every 007 title sequence since the 90s. He discusses his work on Daniel Craig’s final foray in No Time to Die and how he finds the delicate balance between reinvention and homage

Exposure Crew: Andrew Lim Clarkson

In the second of a new series of articles showcasing those who assist in making photography the rich world it is today – the stylists, hair and makeup artists, production designers etc – Gem Fletcher profiles the work of set designer Andrew Lim Clarkson

Documenting religion

Our enduring fascination with other people’s worship has long compelled photographers to capture different practices and faiths. Here, three photographers who focus on religion share their approaches and their personal motivation for the work

How I Work: Max Siedentopf

The artist, photographer, designer and director talks to CR about working at speed, the joy of not being confined by one discipline, how he balances the commercial with the personal, and why his spirit animal is a cross between a chameleon and a dung beetle

The beauty of ‘ugly’ portraits

Historically speaking, portraits have almost always been about glorifying the subject – so what’s behind our recent fascination with unflattering, caricatured depictions of ourselves?