Creative Process

Insights and back stories on the making of creative work

Lou Bever Flat 92

Exposure: Lou Bever

Combining his love of fine art and football, the success of Lou Bever’s Flat 92 project has led to a career in photography, and commercial projects for brands including Puma and Uniqlo

Exposure: Rosie Marks

Gem Fletcher talks to the photographer about her practice, which explores themes of extreme beauty culture and its growing influence on everyday life

Exposure: Ashley Markle

Gem Fletcher talks to the photographer about her process, in which she works with family members to examine their complex relationships, challenging all participants to face up to uncomfortable truths

Inside the design of American Fiction

The Oscar-nominated movie satirises the publishing world and its biases, and features a series of book covers created by real-life book designer Catherine Casalino. She talks to us about the process of working on the film

Justice Hyperdrama

Justice: Visions of Hyperdrama

As legendary French electro duo Justice ready their long-awaited fourth studio album, Hyperdrama, for release this April, their creative team reflect on re-working their iconic cross emblem for a new era

Sara Messinger

Exposure: Sara Messinger

US photographer Sara Messinger talks about the power of teenagers to Gem Fletcher, plus explains how switching from soccer to photography changed her approach to life

Nico H Brausch on the key to editorial illustration

Dreamy and full of nostalgia, the illustrator and designer evokes the hazy visions of the 70s and 80s for clients including Bloomberg Businessweek and the Verge. He talks to us about the process behind his airbrushed aesthetic and his journey to finding a ‘style’

Exposure: Simrah Farrukh

The photographer discusses the wide-ranging nature of her work, including the early influence of YouTube as well as complex issues of patriarchy, family and history

Exposure: András Ladocsi

In András Ladocsi’s photographs, water acts as a connecting force to his past as well as an enduring theme in his present work, where he explores ideas of friendship, community, and freedom