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How should brands show up on social?

Once seen as an add-on to a campaign, social media is rapidly proving central to a brand’s communications. In the latest episode of our podcast Creativity Sucks!, we examine how to navigate the social wild west

How should brands deal with unwanted fans?

Influencer wrangling is now a crucial part of any brand management role. And this bit is relatively straightforward: find people who people like who can spread the word about your product. But what happens when the wrong people get in on the action?

The Monthly Interview: Glenn Kitson

In the first of a new interview series, Anna Higgs talks to Glenn Kitson about combining a career as an ad director with being a ‘meme lord’, and his strategies to stay centred and fresh in a world which can often just want more of the same

How design can help reach Gen Z on social

Need to Know is a new platform started by agency Human After All which aims to help Gen Z find careers they care about. Here Danny Miller explains the power of using social media as an editorial canvas for news, facts, and advice

Trends of 2022: The year in tech

Changes swept through the tech sector this year, leaving a trail of uncertainty across social media, cryptocurrency, and the creative workforce – but opportunity in some corners, too

Why social media loves chaos

Last month, a climate activist attacked the Mona Lisa with cake. The vandalism, which went viral, doesn’t tell us much about climate change, but it says a lot about the enduring appeal of chaos

To Instagram or not to Instagram

From battling algorithms to banned accounts, individuals across the creative industries are voicing frustrations with the platform. Is this the beginning of an Instagram exodus? And if so, what’s the alternative?

Trends of 2019: Social Media and Creativity

This year saw increased analysis and reflection over the impact that social media has had on creativity, from the dangerous lure of the likes to the way that social channels could be designed for the better. Here are the key points to catch up on

Social media and branding: what needs to change?

Facebook recently introduced a new logo. But is a rebrand enough to change people’s perceptions of the company? As social media enters an inflection point in its history, Koto’s James Greenfield examines the deeper changes these brands need to make

Can design fix social media?

This week on CR, we’re looking at the subject of social media. Here we ask creatives for their thoughts on how we can tackle some of the biggest problems facing social platforms, from echo chambers to addiction and extremism

Why creatives are jumping on TikTok

We speak to an illustrator, a filmmaker and a lettering artist who are making waves on TikTok about what it offers creatively that its competitors don’t already, and their advice for other creatives thinking about getting on the app

How much do creatives need social media?

As part of our deep dive into social media this week, CR explores to what extent designers and illustrators should rely on social media for finding work, and discusses some of the pressures and pitfalls that it’s opened up for creatives

The Annual & Social Media issue

This special double issue, in association with Arjowiggins Creative Papers, is our showcase of the outstanding projects of the year. In addition to the Annual, May is our Social issue with features on Kickstarter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram.

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