Creativity, Health & Wellness

From beating burnout to cultivating confidence and challenging stigmas, we look at how our mental health influences our work and creativity


Imagining our future bodies

How will new ways of designing our bodies and our health, including gene editing, affect our future selves? Lucy McRae explores these concepts in her art, presenting radical sci-fi ideas that are rooted in science fact

How Joe Wicks became the nation’s PE teacher

Joe Wicks has inspired millions of people to keep active during lockdowns with his live workout videos. We talk to Nikki Wicks, Head of Content at The Body Coach, and Koto, the studio behind its branding, about creating PE With Joe

So you want to be … an art therapist

Art therapy can be hugely effective in treating both children and adults. Here we talk to two art therapists, Sarah Harrison-Greaves and Nigel Durkan, about the challenges and rewards it offers as a career and how it impacts their own creative work