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How much does our education define our tastes?

We are often instructed in what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ taste in our formative years. Here we talk to two educators about how much their own taste frames what they share and how to help art and design students balance experimentation and industry trends

Exposure: Nathan Klein

We are expanding our Exposure column beyond only looking at photographers, to examine the work of the wider teams that contribute to image-making being the vital force it is today. Here, Gem Fletcher profiles the work of stylist Nathan Klein

Exposure: Annie Lai

In her latest Exposure column, Gem Fletcher profiles the poetic, dreamlike portraiture of Annie Lai, whose image-making aims to unpick complex issues around belonging

The Native on the rise of Nigerian youth culture

Since launching in 2016, the Native has grown from a magazine and festival into one of Nigeria’s most-respected cultural commentators. We speak to the collective about how Nigerian youth culture is making its mark everywhere from Lagos to London

How fashion found its funny side

Fashion is often perceived to be a serious business, but a wave of brands and creatives are tapping into their sense of humour for ad campaigns and visual communications. We explore what has prompted the industry’s changing tastes

Reshaping the face of tech with Catty Taylor

Through her inclusive tech collective Digi-Gxl and the Institute of Digital Fashion — a URL × IRL initiative shaking up the fashion industry — artist Catty Taylor is pushing the social and cultural boundaries of technology

Inside M/M (Paris)

This month sees design legends M/M (Paris) release an epic second volume of their monograph, M to M of M/M (Paris), plus host museum exhibitions in both Paris and Shanghai. Jean Grogan talks to the duo