Daniel Benneworth-Gray

Daniel Benneworth-Gray is a freelance designer based in York

A career in fonts

It’s January, and time for clear out. For our design correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray this means tackling the reams and reams of fonts that are clogging up his computer. Surprisingly, the job turns into something of a trip down memory lane

Movie posters of the year 2019

It’s been another glorious year for movie posters, which has seen illustration in particular rise to the fore. Here, CR’s design correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray picks his ten favourites of 2019

Why comics matter

Our design correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray has recently been drawn back into the world of comics. Here he muses on the difference they have made to his life, and his work

What do you do?

In his latest column, our correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray finds himself trying to explain his job, and in turn what design is, to his six year-old son

Notes from a smart-phone free life

In this month’s column, our correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray finds himself suddenly smart-phone free. He expects being unshackled from the device to bring freedom, but finds he is unexpectedly bereft

On the horrors of indecision

In his latest column, our correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray muses on the potentially paralysing effects of indecision, and the role it plays in his work

*makes joke on Twitter*

Comedy thrives on Twitter, thanks to its range of unique joke formats and structures. In constant flux, the platform’s humour is often hard to pin down – and all the more amusing for it

On trying to work in a building full of art

The art gallery can offer the freelance designer a quiet, contemplative space in which to work without distraction. Unless you start looking at the art. And the art is by John Stezaker, whose collages you really, really like….

An A-Z checklist for 2018

From reading more books to unsubscribing, CR columnist Daniel Benneworth-Gray presents a checklist to prepare you for the year ahead – as part of our New Year New You series of articles on how to kickstart your work life and creativity in 2018

All you need is the right pen

Artist Jeffrey Alan Love recently tweeted a sketch, simply captioned “illustrator’s funeral”. Leaning over an open casket, a mourner asks one final question of the deceased …


Great work to take in and take home at this year’s Leeds Print Festival

The three talks that featured on the closing day of this year’s Leeds Print Festival offered up some very different approaches to printed matter – from film journalist Danny Leigh’s eulogy on the film poster, to The Designer’s Republic’s Ian Anderson and letterpress master Alan Kitching showing how the media thrives today

The ABCD Awards’ book covers of the year

Last night, just as World Book Day was coming to a close (yes yes, your child looked adorable), the winners of the third annual Academy of Book Cover Designers (ABCD) Awards were announced at a ceremony in a bar beneath the streets of Hoxton Square. Now in its third year, the remit of the Academy is simple: to celebrate the ten best covers of the year. Last night, these were chosen by people who understand book cover design: book cover designers.