Apps, wearables, websites: the world of digital creativity

How design is integral to a modern football club

Britain’s Premier League football clubs are now huge corporate brands with global followings. Design and communications are vital to how a club operates. We speak to the Everton branding team about designing the historic ‘People’s Club’

What will cities of the future sound like?

As our cities become more tech-focused and automated, sound has the unique ability to unite our experience of urban life and improve our lives for the better. The question is; how to go about it? Roscoe Williamson, Head of Branding at MassiveMusic offers some suggestions

Branded podcasts: advice from a producer

With more and more brands venturing into the world of long form audio, we speak to Matt Hill, a podcast producer and co-founder of the British Podcast Awards, about what makes a great series, and what’s next for the medium

Do we need a code of ethics for design?

Designers have come under increasing pressure to consider the ethics and potential impact of their work. But what does this mean in practice – particularly if you’re working for a large corporation?