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Should you always love your job?

When it comes to work, it’s often a complicated relationship. CR investigates how you know when the spark of love for your job is gone, and what it takes to get the magic back

An image of Moto Guo and Kinder Eng, a couple that works together

Surviving and thriving as partners in life and work

Mixing business and pleasure isn’t always a bad idea – in fact, some swear by it. We speak to three creative couples about the unparalleled benefits that this kind of relationship can bring, how to avoid disasters and the value of letting go of barriers

The face filter phenomenon

Face filters have taken off on Instagram this year, with brands from Louis Vuitton to Nando’s jumping on the trend. Here, We Are Social’s Executive Creative Director Gareth Leeding highlights some innovative examples – and offers some words of advice for advertisers

Does sexual health need a rebrand?

Budget cuts are pushing sexual health services to breaking point, but could creativity be the key to tackling the problem? We speak to non-profit Brook and online service SH:24 about how design is shaping the way we think about sex

Why Headspace is going local

Headspace’s Healthy, Happy America initiative will see the brand partner with local organisations to put on mindfulness events in cities across the US. We talk to Chief Creative Officer Caroline Pay about the project, and Headspace’s plans for the future

Avoid burnout in creative teams

How to avoid burnout in creative teams

For years, the creative and ad industries have fetishised long days and late nights – but now the narrative is changing. We talked to leaders at Engine, JKR and Facebook about how to stay in tune with creative teams and curb burnout before it’s too late

Could AI be the secret to managing our mental health?

Talking to a bot about how you’re feeling may sound like something out of a sci-fi film, but the technology has the potential to revolutionise the way we treat – and even prevent – mental health problems. CR investigates the possibilities of AI therapy

Creative leaders on… confidence

There’s few among us that haven’t experienced feelings of insecurity, especially when it comes to our own work. So how do you deal with a crisis in confidence? Designer Kate Moross, Director Max Siedentopf and former head of 4Creative Alice Tonge share their thoughts

On Creativity and Madness

Is there any truth to the idea that creativity and mental illness may be interlinked? Richard Holman examines the question here, looking at examples from art and literary history as well as science to shed light on the matter

SK-II’s approach to beauty is anything but boring

James Corden isn’t the most obvious choice as brand ambassador for a Japanese skincare range, but SK-II has proven that beauty and humour don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We speak to CEO Sandeep Seth about the brand’s refreshingly playful ethos