Apps, wearables, websites: the world of digital creativity

Gen Z’s attention span is longer than you think

ITV’s wellness offshoot Woo has created a three-part entertainment series born from a TikTok trend. Founder Stephen Mai and creative director at large Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock discuss what people are getting wrong about storytelling for Gen Z, and the key to creating platform agnostic content

Reiki Zhang on dreaming in pixels

Reiki Zhang reflects on our physical and virtual reality through the lens of digital fashion and 3D art. She speaks to us about how she uses emerging technologies to consider the human condition

The New Talent issue is out now!

The Winter 2023 issue of Creative Review brings together profiles on 11 creatives who are rising up in the worlds of design, advertising, photography, illustration, and beyond, plus has advice and reflections about access to the industry

The search for new talent

CR talks to a handful of ad agencies and design studios to get a sense of what they’re looking for when it comes to new talent, how they find it, and what they’re able to offer in return

How design can help reach Gen Z on social

Need to Know is a new platform started by agency Human After All which aims to help Gen Z find careers they care about. Here Danny Miller explains the power of using social media as an editorial canvas for news, facts, and advice

Vermeer The Milkmaid expanded 2022

Where prediction meets the past

A lot of the AI conversation is about where the tech will take us in the future, but it is also reinvigorating the art of yesterday, says Wunderman Thompson global CCO Daniel Bonner