Apps, wearables, websites: the world of digital creativity

WePresent: Changing perceptions of branded content

As WeTransfer’s editorial website, WePresent, celebrates its first birthday, Editor Rob Alderson reflects on how brands are now less “guarded and precious” in what could be a new era for branded content that evokes a bygone era of long-form journalism

How important is self promotion?

Whether it’s speaking at festivals, doing interviews, or simply sharing your work online, creative careers now come with an added requirement – the need to PR yourself. We find out how essential self promo really is

Why rituals and routine matter for creativity

Creativity is often viewed as something that exists beyond the structures we apply to other aspects of our lives, yet here Leadership Coach Tanya Livesey argues that introducing routine into your creative process may be surprisingly fruitful

How Citymapper is changing how we get from A to B

Citymapper has been simplifying our stressful commutes and muddled transport networks since 2011 – and injecting a bit of fun into things while doing so. Aimée McLaughlin investigates how the team behind the app is helping to shape the future of our cities

Liam Wong on his journey from gaming to photography

As Ubisoft’s youngest art director Wong worked on some of the world’s biggest video games, but recently gave it all up for freelance life. He discusses pushing himself outside of his comfort zone, and the cityscapes that have inspired his style