Apps, wearables, websites: the world of digital creativity

How I Got Here: Hillary Coe, AKQA

Designer, drag racer and analogue astronaut Hillary Coe has joined AQKA as principal of experience, following a position as director of design at SpaceX. She talks to us about creating roles for herself that didn’t exist and embedding adventure into her life and work

How tech is shaping luxury fashion and beauty brands

The pandemic has led luxury fashion and beauty brands to finally seize on the opportunities of creative technology. We look at how the accessibility of tech aligns with the exclusivity of luxury, and what it all means for the return of physical stores

Inside the VFX boom

The VFX artists behind Disney’s award-winning film The One and Only Ivan talk about tapping into their secret inner thespian and why VFX is in the midst of a golden period

Making sense of the NFT gold rush

NFTs have been all over the news, spreading a mix of confusion and excitement in equal measure. Here, James Britton, group managing director at Stink Studios, explores what opportunities they might open up for artists and designers

How to handle the hype

Photographer Sophie Mayanne, artist Jean Jullien, and Closer&Closer agent Drew Melton discuss how to manage pushy journalists, projects that go viral overnight and the ever-faster hype cycle that young creatives face

Inside Megacomputeur’s world

French collective MegaComputeur make funny films for grownups. Here, we chat with its three founders about their playful process focused on fun, and their delightfully twisted CGI animations

Leading Shakespeare into the digital forest

In the wake of a new virtual and digital interpretation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the RSC and Marshmallow Laser Feast, director Robin McNicholas discusses the challenges of recreating theatre magic in a game engine and the immersive future that awaits us all

TikTok, comedy and the evolution of meme culture

Drawing on long-established forms of comedy, TikTok’s unique combination of surrealism and silliness is changing the nature of humour on social media. We explore the everyday people and unexpected brands at the forefront of this phenomenon