Diversity and Equality

Diversity and equality is an urgent concern in the creative industries – here is a series of articles about the individuals and organisations that are striving for change

What’s the value of custom type?

The idea of creating a bespoke typeface that’s personal to a brand is becoming increasingly appealing. We speak to Jelly about how custom typefaces have evolved and their power when used properly

Sophia Wilson Tumblers

Exposure: Sophia Wilson

From her beginnings as a lonely teen to appearing on reality TV and being celebrated by Forbes, the New York-based photographer is carving her own path through the industry

Blurred image of a person's mugshot against a grey backdrop by Paolo Cirio

Artist Paolo Cirio on the real dangers of AI

The artist’s subversive new show at Foam in Amsterdam interrogates AI. He talks to us about how his “hacker ethics” determine who’s entitled to privacy in his work and why the current preoccupations around AI are misplaced

Purple hued illustration of two rows of washing machines

Should we be worried about AI washing?

There are concerns that brands, agencies and creatives aren’t disclosing where they’ve used AI. Yet as companies increasingly see the technology as a business selling point, is it also possible that some are actually overexaggerating their use and understanding of AI?

How can we learn to trust AI?

The rapid adoption of AI means an increasing number of images we’re exposed to are now being created by these tools. CR examines the public scepticism around AI-generated imagery and what can be done to build trust

The Monthly Interview: Kathy Ryan

After almost four decades at the New York Times Magazine, Kathy Ryan recently stepped down from her role as director of photography. But as CR discovers, she’s far from ready for retirement

Are ads too long?

Our attention spans are shorter than ever, but there’s been a recent crop of ads stretching beyond the usual 60 seconds. We ask a couple of experts if a longer ad can make more impact, how to keep an audience hooked, or whether it’s just too much

Talia Cotton on coding and creativity

Designer-coder Talia Cotton discusses how her experiences at agencies such as Pentagram gave her the confidence to set up her eponymous studio, and why creatives need to see more female founders as role models

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How should brands show up on social?

Once seen as an add-on to a campaign, social media is rapidly proving central to a brand’s communications. In the latest episode of our podcast Creativity Sucks!, we examine how to navigate the social wild west