Ellie Howard

Ellie Howard is a freelance writer and researcher. She writes about visual culture for titles including the BBC, Magnum Photos, British Journal of Photography, and Creative Review

THE WHITE LOTUS SEASON TWO MAIN TITLE SEQUENCE PLAINS OF YONDER_katrina crawford mark bashore_Lotus_Fountain_1920

Heritage maximalism’s reign has begun

Bye bye to blanding and welcome to heritage maximalism: a new style of design that draws on luxury cues from art history to signal wealth and classical beauty. We examine why it’s rising to the fore in an age of anxiety and austerity

Why pet food is having a design moment

In the past decade the pet food market has transformed: traditional kibble is out in the cold and a new breed of innovative, design-friendly brands represent our evolving relationship with our furry friends

Designing for Grief

The messy, unpredictable experience of grief has moved online, but how do we design for such an individual and complex set of emotions?