Emma Tucker

Emma Tucker is Senior Writer at Creative Review

How Hornbach’s playful take on DIY made tools cool again

German store Hornbach has established itself as the cathedral of DIY, with years of tongue-in-cheek advertising that’s appealed to home improvers’ sense of humour. We delve into why it works so well, and what it can teach advertisers about the current mania for purpose

What does it take to design a toy shop?

The days of wandering down the aisles of Toys “R” Us are long gone, replaced by a new breed of shop that’s catering to kids’ digital dependence and need for new experiences. We find out what it takes to make a modern toy store

Is it time we hit replay on gaming history?

For nine years, console company Analogue has been helping people rediscover gaming’s past, and highlighting its hugely creative heritage along the way. We met its founder to discuss what makes the history of game play so fascinating, and why it goes far beyond nostalgia

Mothercare by Sophie Mayanne

Mothercare’s stark and honest campaign by Sophie Mayanne caused a stir in the media for its open and uplifting celebration of women’s bodies post-birth. The images won in the advertising section of the CR Photography Annual