Emma Tucker

Emma Tucker is Senior Writer at Creative Review

Can creativity make us feel better?

Hospitals, for the most part, are dreary environments. Strip lighting, wipe-clean surfaces and miles of grubby paint do nothing to make us feel better. But can creativity change all that?

How Cool Shit blew up the internet

Art collective Cool Shit has found a very particular niche with its inflatable versions of famous faces. But how did it turn an ironic Kickstarter campaign to make a blow-up Lionel Ritchie into a thriving business that’s bringing joy to people around the world?

Meet the artists behind the web’s most satisfying videos

Viral fame is fickle, but a number of filmmakers and 3D artists have tapped into online popularity with looping animations that are oddly enjoyable to watch. CR talks to some of the artists behind the phenomenon

How to make a movie monster

What does it take to really scare people? Two creature designers tell Emma Tucker how they tap into deep fears and the dark spots of human psychology to make convincing movie monsters