Emma Tucker

Emma Tucker is Staff Writer at Creative Review

Zeitgeist: Katie BretDay

Katie BretDay is one of the winners of the Zeitgeist awards in CR’s Photography Annual 2018. The awards recognises rising stars of the photography world; artists who have captured the mood and our imaginations this past year

How I Work: Konstantinos Dimopoulos

When games studios want to create convincing worlds, they turn to Konstantinos Dimopoulos, who’s designed everything from a sunken city filled with Lovecraftian horror to a cyberpunk capital. Here’s how he brings real-life rules to fantasy environments

How I work: Colourist Jean-Clément Soret

Colourist Jean-Clemént Soret has worked his magic on everything from Black Mirror and 28 Days Later, to the John Lewis Christmas ads. Here he explains why working with colour is like “tuning an instrument”

Why we love the colour of the year

With everyone from Pantone to Dulux claiming they can predict colour trends, we delve into the phenomenon of the ‘Colour of the Year’ to find out what it really means, and what it can tell us about creativity and culture

How We Work: Raw Color

As the name suggests, colour is a central focus for Dutch studio Raw Color. CR spoke with founder Christoph Brach to find out how experimenting with vegetable pigments kickstarted a career that spans design, photography and art direction

A decade of Apartamento

Indie mag Apartamento has made a fine art out of going through the keyhole, tapping into our curiosity about how other people live. A new book brings together a decade of its photography – including some truly bizarre homes