Emma Tucker

Emma Tucker is Senior Writer at Creative Review

How I Got Here: Leanne Shapton

As a writer, artist, and publisher, Leanne Shapton is a master of spinning plates. CR finds out how a love of Push Pin Studios and growing up immersed in dark tales shaped her creative approach

How Ikea is bringing the smart home to the masses

We’re on the cusp of remotely controlling every aspect of our homes – from heating and lighting down to putting the kettle on for a cuppa. Ikea is chasing that dream with its Home Smart initiative, which is proving that connected devices should put people, not technology, first

Brands and ‘surveillance capitalism’

With companies capturing information on everything from how we sleep to what we feel, it’s easier than ever for brands to overstep the line with our personal data. Are we sleepwalking into a disaster, or can companies embrace a more ethical use of our information?

How should ads talk about masculinity?

As the dust settles after Gillette’s controversial ad campaign, CR asks how the creative industry should address the issue of toxic masculinity – and how it can avoid the inevitable preachiness that accompanies purpose-led campaigns

Is a university education worth the money?

With tuition fees at an all-time high, some young creatives are questioning the value of a university education and exploring alternatives. We talk to recent students – and to one tutor – about the value of the university experience for them

Is it time to get on TikTok?

It was the most downloaded iOS app of 2018, and it’s growing rapidly as more and more people get hooked on its winning formula of music and shortform video. CR investigates whether brands should get ready to jump on the TikTok bandwagon