Emma Tucker

Emma Tucker is Senior Writer at Creative Review

Can remote working really work?

Remote working is on the rise, but is our industry ready to accept it? We weigh up the pros and cons of escaping the office, and how it could potentially affect how creative work gets made

So you want to be an… AR artist

3D artist Ines Alpha has made a name for herself creating augmented reality makeup that plays on our fascination with filters. She tells CR why it’s a burgeoning creative discipline that’s increasingly in demand

How I Work: Wong Ping

Artist Wong Ping tells CR why he likens his creative process to that of a standup comedian, and how internet culture has influenced his animation work

So you want to be a… costume designer

Killing Eve costume designer Charlotte Mitchell discusses mixing creativity with practicality, the buzz that comes from creating a fictional world, and why aspiring costume designers should embrace a slow-burning career

How Rockstar has redefined what video games can be

While it’s not without its share of controversy, Rockstar Games is a master at designing worlds that players don’t want to leave. As a part of our Annual 2019 coverage, Emma Tucker examines its innovative approach

Greggs: on authenticity and keeping things silly

Bakery chain Greggs is thriving, thanks in no small part to its cheeky approach to branding and marketing. As a part of our Annual 2019 coverage, Emma Tucker finds out why the brand’s no-nonsense attitude works so well