Emma Tucker

Emma Tucker is a writer and editor for titles including Creative Review, The Spaces, Dezeen, and Eye on Design

Don’t give up on DEI

The culture wars are seeing diversity initiatives come under attack, but creative agencies are making tangible steps towards improvement, says Asad Dhunna, founder of the Unmistakables. We asked him what comes next

Games of the year 2023

This year saw compelling additions to iconic gaming franchises as well as exciting new entrants to the indie game scene. Here are our favourite titles of 2023

The return of the serif

After taking an extended sabbatical from the world of branding, serif typefaces are suddenly back in favour. We speak to type designer Lynne Yun and F37 founder Rick Banks about what that means

What is studio culture and why does it matter?

DesignStudio’s Elise Santangelo-Rous balances her role as ECD with a responsibility for improving and adapting its creative culture. She tells CR why that’s so important, and how people’s expectations are changing how the business works

Creativity vs culture wars

Art, design, and advertising are critical for bringing new narratives into our understanding of history, and helping us confront and accept the difficult parts of our past