Emma Tucker

Emma Tucker is Staff Writer at Creative Review

Does architecture need more graphic design?

Dutch designer Hansje van Halem is changing how we experience the buildings around us, using tiles, 3D installations and patterned facades to personalise churches and housing blocks. CR finds out if it’s time to give graphic designers a chance at architecture

How I Work: Amanda Johnstone-Batt, Framestore Rides

Rollercoasters are no longer all about the corkscrew and loop-the-loop. They’ve become rich interactive experiences that use AR, VR and CGI to immerse riders in the story. Amanda Johnstone-Batt, CGI Supervisor on Framestore’s Rides team, tells CR what it takes to make them work

How design is opening up the gaming experience

As the first mass-market games product for disabled people, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is reconsidering who gaming is for, and how they experience it. Microsoft designer Chris Kujawski tells CR why it’s the highlight of his creative career

How We Met: Friends With You

The founders of art collective Friends With You, Arturo Sandoval and Samuel Borkson, explain how they’ve kept a close friendship and creative partnership going for the past 20 years

How We Met: GraphicDesign&

Together, Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright have made books about maths, politics and nuns’ habits, as part of a mission to explore graphic design’s place in the world. And none of it would have happened without a chance meeting through an ex-boyfriend