Emma Tucker

Emma Tucker is Senior Writer at Creative Review

How I Work: Ian Pons Jewell

Director Ian Pons Jewell shares his thoughts on becoming adland’s go-to director for everything weird and wonderful, and why he writes back stories for every single character – yes, including Skittles’ yoghurt boy

Why Not Associates is shutting down

Unrelated to the current coronavirus pandemic, Andy Altmann and David Ellis are going their separate ways, closing down Why Not Associates after almost 33 years of work to pursue their own projects

The slogan strikes back

Brands including KFC and Nike are firmly embracing bygone advertising slogans within very modern advertising. We explore why these long-used straplines can be so satisfying, and why more brands aren’t doing the same thing

Can advertising win back our trust?

Who are you more likely to believe, an ad agency or a used car salesman? As trust in the industry plummets to an all-time low, we ask if there’s a way to repair our fractious relationship with advertising