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Kim Gehrig on directing excellent and topical ads

In the past 12 months, Kim Gehrig has directed stand-out spots for Libresse and Nike, as well as ‘that’ ad for Gillette. As part of our Annual 2019 coverage, Eliza Williams talks to her about how she chooses her projects, and dealing with a social media backlash

How I Work: Jenn Nkiru

The filmmaker has come a long way from the summer scheme in Peckham that kickstarted her career. She tells CR about her role as a creative anthropologist, and why she makes cinema, not film

Reimagining the Moomins for the small screen

Sky has brought Tove Jansson’s loveable Moomin characters to life in a new animated TV show, with help from Aardman director Steve Box and the artist’s niece Sophia Jansson. We delve into the creative process behind the series

Are we expecting too much from Gen A?

In the first edition of a regular column for CR, Patrick Burgoyne reflects on Generation Alpha, and the hopes, dreams and expectations that future-gazers and brands are already placing on their shoulders

Future of Work: Flexible Working

Flexible working is no longer a rarity, but has yet to become the norm that its advocates expect it to be in the future. We examine the challenges that need to be overcome by businesses and wider society before we can all get with the flex

How The Front is giving a voice to female filmmakers

After stepping down as ECD at Vice Media, Thalia Mavros launched The Front: a majority-female production company making stories by women and underrepresented voices. Here we talk to Mavros about the company’s work and its inclusive approach to filmmaking

Should I work for free?

It’s an eternal issue in the creative industries, and a question that rarely has a simple answer. Here, we get to the bottom of when, if ever, it’s a good idea to work for free, what to watch out for, and what to bear in mind when deciding

Director Peter Hedges on new film Ben Is Back

The screenwriter behind About a Boy and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape returns to the cinema as the writer/director of Ben Is Back, starring his son Lucas Hedges as a recovering opioid-addict. He shares his process with Creative Review