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The losses and gains of WFH

As lockdown begins to slowly lift, companies are considering how our working life will adapt. Here, James Britton, group managing director at Stink Studios in London, examines how our enforced WFH period may create permanent change, and what might be lost along the way

How will coronavirus change events?

With the pandemic making large gatherings impossible, brands, festivals and cultural institutions have been planning online alternatives. We explore how creatives and organisers are responding to the crisis, and whether it could inspire new kinds of digital experiences

How nostalgia became the new normal in TV

Whether we’re rewatching endless episodes of Friends or binging retro-inspired series like Stranger Things, revisiting the past is clearly playing a huge role in our viewing habits – but why? CR dissects television’s obsession with the nostalgia effect

In praise of judging

As coronavirus wreaks havoc with this year’s creative award shows, D&AD CEO Patrick Burgoyne reflects on why judging matters, if done well

Reimagining Normal People for the small screen

As Sally Rooney’s bestselling novel gets a TV adaption, director Lenny Abrahamson discusses the challenges of translating the book’s intense emotions and internal monologues to a visual medium, and rethinking the way teenage relationships are portrayed on screen

Lessons on launching a business during a pandemic

Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock couldn’t have chosen a worse time to set up shop – or could he? He discusses launching consultancy Soursop with his wife Lucy Hitchcock in the midst of Covid-19, and why it’s vital for creative businesses to be ready and willing to pivot in times of crisis