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Mr Benn

David McKee on Mr Benn and the magic of stories

Mr Benn, the much-loved children’s character, is 50 years old. In celebration, the Illustration Cupboard in London is showing an exhibition of drawings, paintings and acetates from the TV animation. We talk to his creator, David McKee

Sagmeister on beauty

After his investigations into happiness, Stefan Sagmeister’s new obsession is beauty, on which subject his studio is creating a major exhibition (see statement below). In contrast to the rationalism of Modernism, beauty can be seen as indulgent or decadent but, Sagmeister argued in a talk at the D&AD Festival, the formal can also be functional. CR’s Patrick Burgoyne interviewed Sagmeister on the topic following his talk. What follows is a transcript of their discussion

Lauren Greenfield’s Generation Wealth

Director and photographer Lauren Greenfield, who has created documentary-based works on themes ranging from rich kids in LA to eating disorders, as well as the enormously successful ad Like A Girl, tackles our global obsession with money and materialism in a new book, Generation Wealth. Unsurprisingly perhaps, she paints a rather dark picture of life in the 21st century.