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Celebrating the craft of filmmaking and creativity on screen

The battle for self-belief

Working in the creative industries inevitably involves rejection and doubt. But those are also the elements that can lead to greatness, writes Richard Holman

My Career Journey: Calmatic

The LA-based director behind music videos for Pharrell, Lizzo and Lil Nas X reflects on his journey from afterschool computer club to Grammy-winning director

Jump on 25 years of making motion graphics

Jump is responsible for the titles of some of the UK’s biggest TV entertainment and sports programmes. Here two of its co-founders look back on a turbulent 25 years in the industry, and what it takes to make a successful creative business

Ask Anna: How can I progress my creative career?

Moving upwards in a career can be a complicated business, which often forces people to jump from company to company to gain forward motion. But it doesn’t — and shouldn’t — always have to be that way, says CR’s agony aunt Anna Higgs

The colourful world of Autumn de Wilde

The photographer and director has injected striking palettes into fashion photos, celebrity portraits, vibrant ads and her feature-length debut, Emma. She talks to us about navigating these different arenas and building worlds through music and colour