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Adam Morse on his journey to directing

Since losing his sight at the age of 19, the filmmaker has gone on to write and direct his first feature film, shoot a Super Bowl ad for Google, and set up a non-profit to help the next generation of disabled creative talent

The Monthly Interview: Glenn Kitson

In the first of a new interview series, Anna Higgs talks to Glenn Kitson about combining a career as an ad director with being a ‘meme lord’, and his strategies to stay centred and fresh in a world which can often just want more of the same

Don’t give up on DEI

The culture wars are seeing diversity initiatives come under attack, but creative agencies are making tangible steps towards improvement, says Asad Dhunna, founder of the Unmistakables. We asked him what comes next

The rise of Gen Alpha

Watch out Gen Z, there’s a new generation in town, with a whole new set of expectations of how the world should be. Here’s a snapshot of what brands need to think about to get ahead

Inside the design of American Fiction

The Oscar-nominated movie satirises the publishing world and its biases, and features a series of book covers created by real-life book designer Catherine Casalino. She talks to us about the process of working on the film