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How We Work: Puppeteers Jonny & Will

Over the last two decades, the duo has crafted everything from flying t-shirts for Ikea to a talking penis for a Home Office campaign about consent. We speak to them about why they work best as a double act, and the enduring appeal of crafts like puppet-making

Tourism campaigns, the good ones

The world is packed with wonder and variety, but genuinely original tourism ads are few and far between. Mark Tungate tracks down some of the most innovative campaigns of recent years

Rams: the movie

Gary Hustwit’s latest design documentary is not just a historical appreciation of Dieter Rams’ now-iconic product design. Just as important is the message that Rams has for designers – and consumers – today. Hustwit talks to CR’s Patrick Burgoyne

Designing the digital self

With VR experiences still in their infancy, navigating the disconnect between the real and virtual body still poses creative challenges. As part of our Body week on CR, we met with Framestore Creative Director Gavin Fox to discuss what it takes to cross the uncanny valley

War stories: Channel 4’s Prototype

For the first in a new series of stories looking at overcoming creative adversity, Chris Bovill and John Allison talk us through a project for Channel 4 which proved that making truly effective branded content can be a bumpy, complicated experience

Channel 4 rebrands its digital channels

E4 gets an entire makeover, while Channel 4’s digital channels – including Film4, More4, 4Music and 4Seven – will now incorporate the classic Lambie-Nairn Channel 4 logo as the network seeks to unify its brand

How I Got Here: Illustrator Luke Pearson

From Nobrow books and New Yorker covers to a Netflix adaptation, artist Luke Pearson tells CR how he found his creative freedom, why he’s left comics for grown-ups behind, and how his daughter is helping him think differently about children’s books

Are music videos broken?

Despite racking up almost 800 million views, the directors of 2014’s Turn Down For What have revealed the video was made on a shoestring budget that earned them barely $4 an hour. What’s gone wrong?